Léa Pool, which had been obtained in 2015 the Audience Award for The Passion of Augustine, presented this year in competition at the Festival du film Francophone d’angoulême And at the worst we will get married.

Director, quebec has adapted the eponymous novel by Sophie Welcome, also co-writer. AND AT WORST IT goes is a portrait of Aisha/Sophie Nélisse (1:54), a teenager of fourteen years old. Living alone with his mother/Karine Vanasse (solo), who works a lot, she is often left to herself.

Like all teenage girls of her age, Aisha is a rebellious. She realized very young of her femininity. It is a little girl who has always wanted to go faster than the music, grow up too quickly, being a small woman. She probably wanted to take a unconsciously -thank you, Oedipus – the place of his mother. Aisha has never admitted that some decisions taken by her mother had been for the purpose of protecting it. But these decisions, that we can’t reveal in order not to say too much about the plot, have also weakened. The absence of benchmarks paternal reliable, as well as its dual algerian culture reinforce the conflicts with her mother.His meeting with Baz (Jean-Simon Leduc), the thirties, changes his life. She believes to have found the great love. But the young man is well aware that Aisha was still a little girl, and behaves like a big brother, caring and a perfect gentleman. She is lying to him for the move, and he believes it. But, in the age of Aisha, we also tell stories and you see things and acts that do not exist. The way in which Léa Pool films her actress, who is of all the planes of the film, makes it even more endearing. The viewer’s empathetic fails to hate this lonely girl, mythomaniac and manipulative.

The filmmaker has chosen a narrative that is based only on the point of view of a young girl at 8 years and 14 years. AND AT WORST WE WILL get MARRIED begins on the arrest of Aisha. We never hear the questions of the police, only the girl speak, doubt, cry, lie, finally reveals, not its truth, but the truth. The camera plays the word of the young girl and the images on the screen do not always correspond to his words. They are often of the order of fantasy, inducing in the end a little too much on the viewer error. The drama that plays out will obviously grow up Aisha, but there will be a price to pay. Despite some awkwardness in the staging, AND AT WORST WE WILL get MARRIED is a drama concerning which there is so much naivety, that of sensuality, thanks to the actress Sophie Nélisse, who die literally to the screen.


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Original title : And the worst we will get married

Achievement : Lea Pol

Scenario : Leah Pol and Sophie Welcome, after his work

Principal actors : Sophie Nélisse, Karine Vanasse

Release Date : Unknown

Duration : 1h31 min
3.0final Note
Notice to readers 15 Notice

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