Ben/Viggo Mortensen emerged from a wood, the torso covered with soot. He hands his son a piece of liver and it comes to pull the deer just shot. “The boy is dead, the man comes to be born.” Around him, his many children, all wearing stick-as their father. The small tribe is returning to camp. Once cleaned, they speak of progress in the universe in the string theory or the dialectical marxist. This family community is almost totally self-sufficient, in any case, largely self-sufficient, and education is provided by a father who reigns as a despot enlightened on his children.

This family marginal may have created a mini-state libertarian a few generations later, if an event was to come the upset and force her to join the sad world of the rest of Humanity. Like any other utopia before, that of Matt Ross is by definition outside the world, in a territory of the united states fantasy, where the forest meets the glacier, where the sunny spring may give way to a storm as brutal as unforeseen. Viggo Mortensen embodies almost the nietzschean Superman, capable of anything and free of all filters in the company. If it seems to follow the precepts rousseauistes d’Emile, or education, the father omnipotent is not less devoid of sense of humor, regret, or irritability that can in every moment to resurface. Philosopher but fully human. This tension between ideas of absolute and affects which pass through it will lead the film to interrogate our real margin of freedom in the face of the real world.

Leaving his utopia, the tribe will face the condition of modern man, a truth that is hideous, as the film is with a sense of humor and intelligence. But if the ugliness of our society, we are just disgusted, can we please, provided we extract without any consequence ? To forge a path through this hostile universe, Ben will have to change its ideas perfect to the materiality of its difficulties. The children can discover behind the apparent ugliness of our world, some of the opportunities that it would be a shame to reject it entirely. Some want to leave the tranquil Utopia of their father to carve out a part of the world of Men. Although their father has theoretically because of the preserve, in there right now is that it has trained its offspring to act and think for itself ? Can we force someone to be happy ?

“CAPTAIN FANTASTIC ends on a twist that falls under the wonderful.”

Worse than that, Ben realized that by preventing their children from being subjected to any social institution (school, religion, authority, legal, police, etc) it has been padlocked around him his own entity coercive. All he did was replicate what he had fought all his life.

CAPTAIN FANTASTIC ends on a twist that falls under the wonderful, of the fable. Rather than go to the end of this reflection nihilistic, Matt Ross gives credit to the ideas of his protagonist. Because in the end, if he acted in ways deserving of criticism, his goal has always been noble. Realizing shortly before the end of the movie a sacrifice as huge as symbolic, our hero earns the right to redemption. Beings as perfect does not exist without doubt not, but as the utopias they are role models towards which can extend indefinitely.

Thomas Coispel

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