Dallas, 1986. A cowboy homophobe, Ron Woodroof (Matthew McConaughey, THE DEFENCE LINCOLN, MUD), is diagnosed hiv-positive. He has only 30 days to live. In the Face of the ineffectiveness of AZT, the only antiretroviral drug approved in the Us, it launches in the smuggling of drugs, “alternatives” with the help of a transvestite also hiv-positive Rayon (Jared Leto, REQUIEM FOR A DREAM, Mr NOBODY) and their doctor, Eve Saks (Jennifer Garner, THE KINGDOM, JUNO). Together, they form the Dallas Buyers Club, the first of the twelve clubs that will allow hiv-positive americans to provide antiretroviral drugs to foreign. But this attracts the attention of the pharmaceutical companies, who will then do everything to stop their activities.

In the short list of movies nominated to the Oscar for the Best film of the year, DALLAS BUYERS CLUB is one of six (out of nine) that are adaptations of pre-existing works or based on a true story. With a production budget four times lower than that of 12 YEARS A SLAVE, eight times lower than the AMERICAN BLUFF, but especially to twenty times lower than that of the WOLF OF WALL STREET, DALLAS BUYERS CLUB is just as good – if not better. Evidence that we today, you can still make great films without ever having to sacrifice anything in the scenario, the distribution or the technical.

Based on a true story so, DALLAS BUYERS CLUB is a drama like America loves, but not only. With a social dimension imparablement eloquent, the new film from Jean-Marc Vallée (C. R. A. Z. Y., VICTORIA : THE YOUNG YEARS Of A QUEEN) allows you to brew several important themes of the History of the United States. Whether it’s homophobia, hiv status, health system, the logics of the market or simply of the American dream, everything and more that is relevant. Although at the beginning without interest, the daily life of Ron Woodroof proves to be very addictive as soon as it is confronted by its own excess and rejected by his family, friends and colleagues, who have learned of her hiv status. Homophobic as possible, he found himself in spite of himself put in the same bag as those that he spent so much time hating, at a time when aids was considered ” the disease of the pedals “. More than ironic, and a bit of a paradox, the fate of this grand macho is found improved by the presence of a transvestite, and a woman doctor. Despite the fact that he was given only 30 days to live, the determination of Ron will offer him a further seven years. Certainly very novel, the story of her end-of-life is exciting as unpredictable. Full of resources, the cowboy stage, and force them almost to admiration.

“A beautiful ode to life, to the enjoyment conscious and the relentless pursuit of happiness.”

By focusing almost only on the side of the sick, DALLAS BUYERS CLUB is not without reminding us of PHILADELPHIA by Jonathan Demme, in which a lawyer is hiv-positive sues former partners for unfair dismissal. Slightly manichean, DALLAS BUYERS CLUB place the hiv-positive victims (of the system of health) and the pharmaceutical industry, the big bad wolf of this story. Nevertheless, it is a drama as we see a little bit and his narration leads to empathy and compassion. Indeed, although the fate of the two protagonists (Ron and Ray) is sealed from the beginning of the film, it is hoped all along that an event will save them and will brighten up this story. Because yes, DALLAS BUYERS CLUB is a story of death. Beyond that of the protagonists, the film also evokes the american dream, the slow awareness related to HIV and aids and the loss of all hope in the face of the disease. Social drama, the film can be read as anti-social as the America he portrays is not beautiful to see.

Small budget ($5.5 Million) does not mean for as much small casting, Jean-Marc Vallée can count on the incredible Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto. After his return in 2011 in THE DEFENSE of LINCOLN and the change of direction of his career, Matthew McConaughey excels here in the role of homophobic overtaken by death. Rid yourself of 20 pounds, the Texan 44-year-old surprises and impresses, as well, when he plays the cowboy, that when his body is lacking to him. Yes, nobody falls to the ground as Matthew McConaughey ! Absolutely perfect here, it is very certainly we offer one of the best performances of the past year and the current one. Has like a certain Jared Leto that they snap to full screen. Gloss transvestite drug addict, actor-composer-singer-performer-musician 42-year-old proved again that he is as good on stage as directed. Unrecognizable in Radius, it also makes you laugh and moves you to such an extent that it comes to ask, ” But who, other than Jared Leto, would be well able to interpret such a role ? “Fourteen years after the sublime REQUIEM FOR A DREAM Darren Aronofsky, Jared Leto embodies a new drug addict, but a drug addict that should allow him to win the Oscar for best actor in a supporting role as long as it is worth it. Amazing, the actor brings a little of freshness in this drama of death. Finally, to complete this perfect duo, Jennifer Garner serves as the perfect buffer between the hiv-positive represented by Ron Woodroof and the pharmaceutical industry and the FDA.

Helped by a mounting intelligent and sounds intradiégétiques pushing the total immersion, DALLAS BUYERS CLUB has a linear story to a frightful simplicity. Fast in the evocation of what has to be evoked and slow, long and weighing when it is necessary to accentuate the imminent arrival of death, the film from Jean-Marc Vallée is a beautiful ode to life, to the enjoyment conscious and the relentless pursuit of happiness. At no point moralising when it comes to homosexuals, the film beautifully illustrates the phrase ” It doesn’t happen to others.” By confronting the universe of a cowboy highly virile and a transvestite overwhelmed by the disease, it puts the spotlight on a friendship certainly predictable but no less touching. Carried by a duo of actors at the summit, DALLAS BUYERS CLUB is a great film that will make you react and think. And although forbidden to minors during its american release, the movie remains the must-see absolute on the season !


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