[critical] DON JON

We knew very good actor (see the excellent (500) DAYS TOGETHER), brilliant writer (SPARKS), and producer intuitive (LOOPER). But we didn’t know until then that Joseph Gordon-Levitt could be a great director. With DON JON, the little Robin of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES shows us that he has what it takes, where it should be. Explanations.

Jon Martello, dubbed ” Don Jon “, is a womanizer, inveterate that the hunt every week with his two best friends, in the same club. One evening, he meets Barbara (Scarlett Johansson, VICKY CRISTINA BARCELONA), a young woman keen on romantic comedies. Until then, the pitch of DON JON is closer to any blue. But the interest of the scenario of Joseph Gordon-Levitt himself lies in the personality of the character of Jon. Because in addition to being a man to women, yet raised in a good catholic family, Jon is literally addicted to pornographic films. Addicted to the point of being able to watch all day, masturbating in front of up to ten times in a row and prefer the real sex – he finally finds it less exciting. From then on, his love story with Barbara will allow us to return with gusto on oppositions as old as the world but still relevant. The men and women. Romantic comedies and porn films. Kiss and make love. In short, an entire program !

Joseph Gordon-Levitt excels on all levels.

While the film would have easily been able to turn to the comedy slapstick, vulgar, distressing and quite degrading to women, DON JON proves to be a reflection damn well about the place of sex in our lives, and even more in a loving relationship. With the importance and influence of the pornography industry in our daily lives to the backdrop, DON JON can re-evaluate our own sexuality and our relation to the other. Sub-course, our relationship with the opposite sex. Without being a film ” for the guys “, especially because of the portrait is very unflattering, the first feature film of Joseph Gordon-Levitt is not a hymn to the romantic comedy and love. Built as a mirror of our consumer society, DON JON force the compliance of its treatment of pornography. Generally poorly perceived, and still too often taboo, the X movie is not here accompanied by a about moralizing, which would no doubt have sealed the whole. Even during the scenes in which Jon confesses his habits, his pastor, it is not perceived as a mentally ill then that is precisely what it is, the addiction part of a true psychological problem. Easily comparable to the SHAME of Steve McQueen, because of their subject matter (sex addiction), DON JON is more sincere and more true because it is ultimately less ” auteurisé “. An approach that pleases us because it affects us more simply, the film containing a lot of scenes funny.

In this role of don juan to the sales gimmicks pinned, we find ourselves with a lot of fun Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Far from its previous benefits, the actor of 32 years offers one of the best roles of his career. Sometimes poignant, sometimes pathetic, DON JON gives him the opportunity to prove to us that he knows how to do absolutely everything. And we want more ! In front of her, Scarlett Johansson is absolutely perfect in a little princess biberonnée to the image of Prince charming, but slightly “bitchy” on the edges. Finally, where it is not expected, Julianne Moore (A SINGLE MAN) comes fine-tune this comedy delirious with his interpretation full of finesse, widow libertine and scope on the smoking experience. The life lesson that her character, Esther offers Jon should mark the minds of a large number of spectators. Just like their scene from body to body on the sofa and adds a bit of tenderness to a story sometimes too abrupt. What’s more, this scene offers a new dynamic to the film and introduces an unexpected outcome and to near perfection.

On the side of the technique, we will note the amazing editing by Lauren Zuckerman. Relevant and coherent, the sequence of scenes to please with its freshness. Say it all without too much in the show, the bet was risky, but DON JON eventually comes out on top in the hand. The music that accompanies each “eye contact” established by Jon is a real treat. Just like those dolly shots in the church that intrigue and illustrate the banality of everyday life of the family Martello. A daily newspaper which Jon does not get to escape that by being excited in front of the virtual sex. Finally, the repetition of certain scenes provides a framework to the film, where the unexpected is particularly crisp. Has the image of caméros Anne Hathaway, Channing Tatum or even Emily Blunt.

In the end, Joseph Gordon-Levitt excels at all levels in DON JON. Scenario bright. Achievement awesome. Interpretation mind-blowing. Carried by a trio of actors perfect in stereotypes, DON JON is a satire of our society of consumption, ultra-sexual and disconnected from reality. Without ambition and amoral, the film can be enjoyed without moderation.

A man, seductive and addicted to pornographic films, falls in love with a young girl lover of romantic movies, and formatted by the image of Prince charming. These two persons will yet have to learn to let go of the fantasies portrayed by films.

Original title : Don Jon

Achievement : Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Scenario : Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Main actors : Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Scarlett Johansson, Julianne Moore

Country of origin : United States

Output : 25 December 2013

Duration : 1h30

Distributor : Mars Distribution

Trailer :

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