Behind his design to the sauce lilliputienne, DOWNSIZING is a fable satirical half-successful on the background of the cri alert eco-friendly.

What could be more fascinating that an invention straight out of science fiction could save the world ? An invention, or rather a revolution, one that allows to reduce the individuals, who would spend so 1m80… 12 inches. Finished the problems of pollution, food, ecology, and overpopulation. This technological prowess and scientific answer to all the ills of humanity and the Earth.This is what Alexander Payne sets the scene in DOWNSIZING, a kind of fable, half-fantasy half-satirical background of ecology. It is a weapon and the character played by Matt Damon , and, secondarily, to his wife Kristen Wiig to develop its concept in a first-party dynamic, full of questions existentialists.

Etasuniens of the Twenty-first century, whose social ascent is difficult, planted in the heart of the American Dream in danger, they decide to take action, to make them shrink for a better life as many people already foolishly believe. With the promise of a life pruned of the problems of the ” big people “, summed up the pleasures, the game and, of course, happiness… A life where $ 1 becomes $ 1000 in the pockets of the lilliputians.

In addition to the fact that it touches on the journey of the psychological that pushes individuals to move irreversibly to a new human condition (Are rapideemnt mentioned about the emerging issue of the social status of these small people, the consequences on the world, ” usual “), Alexander Payne paints a scathing critique of materialism, a subject which he adored already dézinguer in his previous works. The through the use general public of a finding of science are pointed out. Just like the diversion for purely marketing purposes, to sell the dream to the way of any new gadget with the latest in technology, which supposedly changes the lives of those who have dared to use it. Everything is ultimately a question of monetization in the service Downsizing, became a packaging various options available, depending on one’s income, under the guise of the good citizen action.

The main strength is that we can easily identify with Matt Damon, is put in its place in a universe that plunges him into the unknown, towards the incredible. It is clever enough to make this character, to the search for new meaning in his life, a guy who no longer seems to be so excited by what happened to him. A way to take more recoil in the face of this new world miniaturized, awesome just a facade. But ultimately so banal.

It was after that it all gets a bit more confusing, both negatively and positively. There is a surprise, of course. We do not get bored, of course. But the arrival of the young dissident vietnamese beautiful denounce America Trump or highlight the fact that inequalities remain the same in the real world or the world will be reduced, it remains that this character is not funny, annoying, grotesque marks a break in the storyline. The film becomes more blurred. The blur in the message, the blur in the actual will of the director. Does he want to finally make DOWNSIZING a comedy, a romance, or a social work tinged with moralism ? What does he denounce ? Would he adapt to all audiences without putting too much of good feelings but by taking a few risks… ? Too ambitious, he who does not like to be categorized in a box, well-defined should you get stuck in mixing it all. And, finally, feeding a green message-alarmist convoluted.

Yohann Sed

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Original title : Downsizing

Achievement : Alexander Payne

Screenplay : Alexander Payne, Jim Taylor

Main actors : Matt Damon, Christoph Waltz, Kristen Wiig

Release Date : 10 January 2018

Duration : 2h11min

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