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Il regularly see in the world of football matches are totally unbalanced with a slew of goals. Only when we learn that the team of american Samoa lost 31-0 against Australia in 2001, the surprise is great. It is neither rugby or american football (where a touchdown, equivalent to a goal, worth six points), but good football. This simple anecdote that will laugh for no one, Steve Jamison and Mike Brett were pulled out of their two trips, of six and eight weeks, a documentary unexpected. The two filmmakers, who are used to rotate ads football for big brands, strayed from the high level to discover the ” worst team in history “. A level even lower than we would imagine but that will never be source of mockery. On the contrary to the view of this documentary, one comes out with much more empathy for this team. And especially for the poor, Nicky Salapu, the goalkeeper of the team, still traumatized by the 31 goals he conceded. By following the latter and its teammates A TEAM TO DREAM away with the intelligence of football to look more to the population of the archipelago of the pacific as a whole. By revealing to us a particular culture, and admirable the film focuses on the courage and the hope.

After a historic defeat, 31-0 against Australia, and american Samoa (officially the worst football team in the world) decided to qualify for the 2014 World Cup. Thomas Rongen, coach professional, comes to the rescue and discovers, to his arrival on the island, a charming team of Nicky Salapu, the goalkeeper haunted by the 31 goals conceded and Johnny “Jaiyah” Saeluah, player first transgender to compete in an international competition. It’s a month to qualify.

As you know, A TEAM OF DREAM is not directed particularly to the lovers of the round ball. The team of american Samoa does not have a professional level. Its players are volunteers. So obviously the interest of the film may not be in the game. The documentary is more universal in making a portrait of this small nation. You can find there as well some of the major problems of the island. As the absence of work causing the departure of the majority of young people after the university to engage in the american army. But also, the filmmakers present them as the ability to accept copy for transgender people. Has the image of Jaiyah, the third gender of the population in samoa, called fa afafine. A man who lives as a woman and an important member of the team, perfectly integrated. It appears, therefore, as the symbol of a people open and welded. The reminder of the earthquake and tsunami that ravaged the island in 2009 going also in this direction. Faced with this reality, we are necessarily caught of affection for this team who wants to win a match.

“The emotion beautiful, with real suspense.”

Despite the difficult living conditions, the good mood remains pervasive among this people. It blends so throughout ofA TEAM OF DREAM, humour (again, never in mockery) and tenderness in the view of a group ready to get up after each failure. Several times each and other, players and members of the staff, wait in front of the camera in the form of interviews. But the chance of Jamison and Brett is to have been able to capture on the fly moments unpredictable. Of the passages in which the camera makes you forget of the team, while in total immersion. As with Thomas Rongen, coach, big mouth Dutch in charge of the team who discovers on his arrival, as the viewer, a foreign culture. Here we witness the evolution of his relationship with the players is a critical element to the emotion aroused by the film. The coach up to indulge in an unexpected way. Of emotion beautiful, with a true suspense. This is thanks to the series of twists and turns, worthy of the greatest football events, which occurred during the qualifying matches for the 2014 World Cup. A last sequence, which will conclude the film so touching.

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