[critical] FRANCES HA

Frances, a young New Yorker dreams of becoming a choreographer. In the meantime, she has fun with her best friend, dance a little and lost a lot…

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Release Date : July 3, 2013

Directed by Noah Baumbach

Film american

With Greta Gerwig, Mickey Sumner, Michael Esper

Duration : 1h26min

Original title : Frances Ha

Trailer :

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“I’m not messy, I just have better things to do.”

This sentence could sum up in itself the spirit of the film and the personality of her heroine. The kind of awkward, a little fantastical, Frances seems to be moving on a wire, ready to be teetering but never falling. She wants to become a choreographer. Only for the moment, it only gives dancing lessons to young girls not exceeding the age of reason. 27 spring for this pretty blonde following link collocations and pass a new york district to the other as encounters.

It was after the filming of the great Grennberg that the director Noah Baumbach, and the young actress Greta Gerwig (seen in the aesthetic and charming Damsels in Distress) have imagined this scenario and built the female character. At the scene, such as city, these two have not been on leave, and this meeting enriches their creativity to the full respective.

Filmed in black and white, FRANCES HA alternates between moments of pure delirium downward movements with intervals of melancholy, led by a central character is extremely well written.

This independent cinema american, in spite of the quotations assumed (The New Wave, Truffaut with the music of the 400 Blows and the Marital Home) is not elitist and even less formal. It captures, on the contrary, a state of the current society, a youth finally more very young that is trying to find a balance between what they aspire and the practical reality of having to pay rent. With one scenario that allows all the audacities (from a weekend in Paris staying almost 48 hours in a bed), the film is a modern and constantly renewed both in content and form.

Then she is invited by a friend to be able to smoke inside the apartment, Frances whisper, ” I have the impression of being a bad mother in 1987 “. Funny, pungent, ill-skilled, sole and “incasable” as the nickname of his roommate, this female figure contemporary recalls in his about the series Girls. This is not trivial if we find Adam Driver in the two fictions.

Filmed in black and white, FRANCES HA alternates between moments of pure delirium downward movements with intervals of melancholy, led by a central character is extremely well written.

27 years in his body, and the folly of a girl of 14 in the head, Frances is in permanent offset. Finally the question might be: what is the difference between today a girl a woman? The couple, the work, a consciousness, the fact of being messy or not ? But the film is more subtle and gives the finest possible answers : It is the gaze of the other who defines us, in their iris we we reflect. That matter finally the social status in which the society we class and label. Like Frances, we aspire simply to find out in the next friendly or in love cross randomly out of the crowd and cleared of any possessiveness, petty, a deep complicity, hermetic to the rest of the world and that makes us better.

Free of its movements as of its about, which is in conflict to a society disillusioned and materialistic, this young woman is one of the most beautiful portrait feminine in recent years. And it is with pleasure that we would like to “play fight” with her in a square in new york city.

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