[critical] HER

Thees love Stories. An exercise in film as complicated as love itself. At least, it can be. A tragic choice is offered to each director : avoid, or wallow, as well blithely as plush in the middle ? Honey to satisfy the viewer, to sell the illusion ? Make him believe in the beautiful stories simplettes while marshmallow ? As a tale for children, to lead them by the nose, and the feast of pure sugar, while believing in the beauty and the simplicity of love ?

Fortunately for the few minds alert well rooted in the reality, some directors choose not to take this path and to show the hardness that can be love. Spike Jonze, the simple blue common decides to shoot a film in the universal, cruel and true, instilling a good dose of sincerity accompanied by a philosophical reflection as finely disseminated. A director who puts the feet on the ground.

Because yes, gone is the time of beautiful stories without barriers scented water shots. Here, Joaquin Phoenix is in love with a computer system. First shock, first impact. Love trans-gender. By revealing this relationship in Spike Jonze surprises us and amuses us. Obviously, it is impossible not to raise a smile in the face of this synopsis in the appearance basic but quirky. But once the astonishment and the amusement overwhelmed, an issue is instilled gently between our ears : what is love ? A man and a woman ? Simply ? Mandatory ? A first point that raises the debate. And subsequently, other questions arise : who are we to judge the validity of a love ? Love must necessarily adhere to the conventions ? By what is it dictated ? And especially, should it be dictated by any code ?

All these questions, the director responds with a tour-de-force. A tour de force of mise en scene. In fact, on all these questions (and they are even more numerous than the simple half-dozen above) it arrives to sweep away all the arguments and counter-arguments that one might have on these subjects. In addition to pose the debate, it strives to respond to it.Throughout the film, sways, get drunk and take it to the discretion of individual reactions that can cause some of the themes. And Spike Jonze is a master when it finally managed to develop a sum of responses colossal while leaving finally, several choices to spectators. Presenter of ideas and scout, but never a dictator.

If it arises as a mediator in a way so perfect, it is, of course, by the quality of its achievement. Magic, light, swirling, intoxicating, breathtaking, fine… in short, perfect. The frames are served by a picture more than beautiful, and the excellent teamwork between the sets and the costumes is exceptional. If the tale delighted the filmmaker has removed the substance, he had even kept the aesthetic. This visual beauty will pair with the main point : love. This story is enchanting and fits perfectly to the visual theme : the once beautiful but quirky. The staging is so perfect, unique and extraordinary.

“The form is perfect, the background is astonishing.”

The form is perfect, the background is explosive, let us look, then, at the confluence of two : the casting (also very beautiful statues that actors wearing the sensitivity of the story on their shoulders). And it is then that we showered the talent of the computer. Yeah I know, super joke. More seriously, let’s start with Scarlett Johansson who manages a performance that is surprising and just by lending his voice to this computer system. Trembling, timid or joyful, it succeeds by fine tones to really give life to this abstract character to the presence of so concrete. And what about Joaquin Phoenix. I love it, of course, but all the same, which does not recognizes not his immense talent sublime and stunned more and more with each new film ? Fragile and fiercely endearing, he can only by the accuracy of his game we embark with him in this crazy whirlwind that overwhelms. And always just sensitivity, he knows how to transmit the most minute emotions so crazy, in order to create a character completely unique and memorable.

Despite the excesses of the metaphysical and philosophical that I have been able to address, the film remains a high-value simple. If the film is not as dopey as it may have the air, it also knows how to stay a very good entertainment. A history refined and fun, who also knows how to give pleasure to the spectators. Again welcome realization because it allows you to have multiple levels of reading of the film. And it offers a movie more than enjoyable to watch.

So, here I am ecstatic, and cheerfully pessimistic. Show the love, judgments, and misconceptions that can make me enormously pleased. Film so perfect ? Unfortunately not. I am here just disappointed. And disappointed by this scenario. In fact, Spike Jonze takes here the storyline of episode one of season two of the beautiful and deeply moving series BLACK MIRROR. Far from me the idea to make him a trial of intent, but all the same, a mess that is what it looks like ! Apart from A few details, the majority of the plot is the same. One has the impression to attend to a simple development of the episode in length. However, the director puts obviously his paw, and acquires a more ample for the length of his film. And my note is only a note of disappointment that some people, who have never seen the series, there will be of course not. But when the revolution of the genre has already been made, but less vision due to a status lower, is this still a revolution ?

Anyway, Spike Jonze offers us a beautiful film with the quality (as well scripted as visual) perfect and takes us with him during a trip to the once pleasant, delightful and sad. A pure film of emotion.

Original title : HER

Achievement : Spike Jonze

Screenplay : Spike Jonze

Main actors : Joaquin Phoenix, Olivia Wilde, Amy Adams, Scarlett Johansson, Chris Pratt

Country of origin : united States

Released : March 19, 2014

Duration : 2h06mn

Distributor : Wild Bunch Distribution

Synopsis : Los Angeles, in the near future. Theodore Twombly, a man sensitive to the complex character, is inconsolable after breaking hard. He then makes the acquisition of a computer programme state of the art, able to adapt to the personality of each user. In launching the system, it met ‘Samantha’, a female voice-smart, intuitive and surprisingly funny. The needs and desires of Samantha grow and evolve, just like those of Theodore, and gradually they fall in love…

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