After Under the skirts of girls Audrey Dana returns with IF I WAS A MAN and endures in his quest for reconciliation between men and women.

The profound desire ofAudrey Dana, as a filmmaker committed, is to prove that there is no split between genders, but a part of feminine and masculine in each of us. It is therefore only natural that he came up with the idea of creating a character of a woman who woke up one morning as a woman but with a real attribute male. The idea is to show that it is the acceptance of the mixture of genres, each of which allows to reveal himself to himself. Together the yin and the yang, that is, under the guise of a light comedy, the challenge dared thatAudrey Dana is launched.

Jeanne (Audrey Dana) is a woman a little stuck (inspired by the character played by Marina Hands in Under the skirts of girls), which was elevated in the acceptance that to be a woman it is, above all, be a good wife, a good mother of a family and a worker serious. On the day her husband dropped to another asking for the custody of the children, it is said that he hath nothing left him and no longer wants to hear about men. Until the morning when she wakes up with a male. He will have it so that it will allow her to do things she thought was reserved for men, but will prove especially, by this means, as a woman. This supernatural experience will also allow him, through a bunch of scenes hilarious, to explore what can feel the men in some respects, and to consider them with more empathy and consideration.

If the director upholds the idea that Under the skirts of girls was not a movie against the men and women were also presented with their flaws, one cannot help thinking that it was a real hymn to the Woman. In their diversity, their strength and their fragility, it is impossible not to overflow of empathy for them all as much as they are. It was feared, therefore, that IF I WAS A MAN to be a pretext for depicting the small means of men, and laugh at a few of them compared to the strong women who emerge from the past generations. Well surprisingly, not at all ! On the contrary, through the character strong and funny, Marcelle, effectively interpreted by Alice Belaïdi, Audrey Dana tries to “calm the game” in the face of many women angry against the male sex. With a lot of self-deprecating humor on the women, she reveals the paradox that some have it with finally as men (as they see it), all the while insulting to behave this way and in raising themselves, little boys who will be struggling to position themselves, later, as men in this happy mess.

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Conversely, with the figure touching Merlin, played by the charming Eric Elmosnino, smooth, Audrey Dana reveals to us that men also are victims of this patriarchal society and stereotypes she returns on them. We understand perfectly the dilemma faced by some men, who are having difficulty openly their sensibility, or a more ” feminine “, preferring to hide it under the hood hung of seductive macho. As for Christian clavier, gynecologist experienced, it is supposed to represent the figure reassuring but the panic completely and tries awkwardly to hide it. This behavior is also strengthened with humor, the pressure that one puts on some men, and begets in them an obligation to cope with and hide their powerlessness in the face of a situation. Finally, we see that he, too, is more sympathetic and likeable when he unveils intently to his dismay, while trying to do his best to help Jane.

In the end, we are proposing a vision distinctively feminine and credible, of what a woman would feel if she was with a male, Audrey Dana , we book a funny movie, but not only. Beyond this unlikely event, through her female and male characters finely written, and the relationships they have, it also delivers a useful message that is not new but many still find it difficult to accept, weighed down by the clichés of a patriarchal society. The idea of tense by IF I WAS A MAN is that there is no opposition man/woman. Audrey Dana advocates the reconciliation of the genre, insisting on the fact that we all have in us a part of each sex, and that it is indispensable for itself and in its relation to the other to hatch and to assume, every one in his degree, the two aspects that make us unique to achieve their full potential. In the wake of the debate on transgender people that challenge the cleavage ancestral man/woman, IF I WAS A MAN jokes that there are terrific women “because they have” – such as his courageous producer, and men want to love for their sensitivity and gentleness, like Merlin, father of modern that student only and brilliantly with his four children.

Stephanie Ayache

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Original title : If I was a man

Achievement : Audrey Dana

Scenario : Audrey Dana, Maud Ameline, Murielle Magellan

Main actors : Audrey Dana, Alice Belaïdi, Eric Elmosnino, Christian clavier

Release Date : February 22, 2017

Duration : 1h38min

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