[critical] It Was In Rome

A real estate agent leads a good professional life but was struggling to live a relationship lasting love. When his younger sister left home to marry in Rome, on a whim, she takes a flight to the Italian capital, and arrival on the spot, retrieves the coins found at the bottom of a famous fountain of love. Back in the United States, she realizes that a multitude of soupirants the wait…

Author’s Note


Release Date : 25.08.2010 DVD

Directed by Mark Steven Johnson

Film american

With Kristen Bell, Josh Duhamel, Jon Heder

Duration : 1h31min

Original title : When In Rome

Trailer V. O. :

After 1h30 of watching, the question is : WHY ? What is the concept of the film ? As much as the writers and avoid a crushing of the meninges useless, there was no explanation tangible to the fact that this movie means nothing !

A nana who loves his job and makes a crisis of hysteria when his laptop won’t pick up in the middle of the wedding of his sister : this is the basis. Beth, played by the effervescent Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars, Therapy For Couples), waits for the day when she will fall in love with a human being more than she is to her job. That’s not a problem, it sends the heavy artillery, very heavy : Italy, land of love ; the witness handsome ; the fountain of love full of coins thrown by unhappy loners, a bit of magic and the tower is set.

Full of distress because the stallion that she had met an hour earlier in the embrace of another, the young woman will end up fully clothed in the fountain, stealing the coins thrown by these men, who have no other choice than to fall deeply in love with her (legend obliges !). Will follow a stalking even more ridiculous than endearing, but it should not be forgotten that among these contenders, we find Nick, the witness mischievous, played by Josh Duhamel (Las Vegas, Transformers).

Suffice to say that the sudden love which unites this small, charming, couple not working at all, lack of alchemy requires. They are beautiful, of course, they were full of humor as we do not understand, okay, but apart from that…not much ! But fortunately, to save the lovebirds (and the expo of the beautiful), the musketeers lovers will be ready to do anything to help their girlfriend shared, thanking her for the passage to have illuminated their lives.

The whole is full of good feelings, it is no doubt, but the electrocardiogram remained flat in the viewer. A pity, we would have liked to focus on the characters, performed by actors sympathetic, which do not, however, make up for a sauce tour to the vinegar from the first ten minutes of the film.

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