Its funny situations, Look for the woman mocks cleverly the deformation simplistic view of the radical tendency in Islam.

It is important not to rely on the displays to LOOK for THE WOMAN, which suggests that this is yet another comedy with big laughs, bold. Far from it ! Of course, there is laughter, but what we must especially remember the first feature film-the documentary – Sou Abadi, it is the authenticity and the subtlety of the words. It is true that the angle of tragic subjects relating to the muslim religion, the wearing of the full veil and the path to the radicalization of youth has already been many times discussed – as in Made In France, The Sky will wait , or Wedding. But for the filmmaker, met in Bordeaux at the side of its actors Félix Moati and Camelia Jordana, the time had come to make laugh the spectator, after these troubled times. It claims to be a “comedy political “and endorsed what it says Costa Gavras, also sponsor of his film:” every film is political “.

The content of the film is rather bold since Armand (Félix Moati) has the idea to put on a niqab to be able to continue to see Leila (Camelia Jordana), sequestered by his brother Mahmoud (William Lebghil), back from the Yemen. Sou Abadi has willed that ” the threatening tone of Mahmoud at the beginning of the film allows the viewer to better accept the cross-dressing “. Just like Armand who becomes Scheherazade, the viewer has the possibility of being open to the culture and faith of the muslim to put himself in the place of these women without being too tempted to judge them and ultimately change his view of the world. A scene quite poignant reproaches, lack of understanding made by the passengers of a bus at the sight of Scheherazade refers back cleverly to the remarks and criticisms that can legitimately touch the viewer. Félix Moati has himself felt very close to Scheherazade and the interpreted “as any woman whoseallure and style would make crazy love Mahmoud, accentuating excessively his look, his approach to burlesque between Bugs Bunny and Buster Keaton, and his voice “. The result is rather successful, even if it was a little difficult to believe that Mahmoud lets fool at this point and forgives the affront. But love is blind… And it is precisely Scheherazade back on the right path to true spirituality.

The director, who has absolute confidence in the intelligence and the good sense of the public to seize all the shades of his film, remains however to give lessons. She wanted to ” have fun with benevolence of all the world, including itself” and has ensured, through a cousin, a believer, very active in the church and scholar, that ” its about respectful not to offend anyone “. And it is true that all of the characters endearing, inspired by the entourage of the director, to take for their degree. In the first place, his own parents iranians who have fled from the political regime, camped out with jubilation, those of Armand. Presented as a highly cultured and tolerant in spite of the weight of the customs, earthy Anne Alvaro and Mike Manojlovic (favorite actor of Emir Kusturica) cause moments of great hilarity by the extremism and the paradox of their political commitments and associations. The young people of the town in the process of radicalization are presented as tocards without religious culture and the arrogance of the young students of Sciences Po, was also in trouble. While LOOKING for THE WOMAN sometimes lacks pace and ends in a way too idyllic, its funny situations on the razor’s edge has the merit of repositioning the essence of Islam in which the initial message of love is often distorted by a radical tendency, simplistic.


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Original title : Look for the woman

Achievement : Sou Abadi

Scenario : Sou Abadi

Main actors : Félix Moati, William Lebghil, Camelia Jordana

Release Date : June 28, 2017

Duration : 1h28 min
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