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Behind every legend lies a story. This is what could be the premise of LOVELACE, the new co-director by Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman, already authors of the sublime HOWL in 2010. For their 4th collaboration, the two men have made the gamble to put in scene the life of decadence of Linda Boreman, better known under the name of Linda Lovelace, the first role of the pornographic film DEEP THROAT. Mass phenomenon in the America of the 70s, the movie would have brought in more than$ 600M around the world to this day. Biopic claimed, the LOVELACE Epstein and Friedman tries to make sense of things in the life of the one who will eventually become one of the greatest feminist activists. Problem innate to any biopic, the question of the truthfulness of the facts takes all its sense with this movie. Worn by a heroine naive and is contradicted several times in the course of his life, the film can therefore not be regarded as true at any point of view. Because of this, we will attempt to keep in memory and to analyze the diegesis of the film only.

At the end of the 60s, Linda suffocating in a family headed by a mother (Sharon Stone, ALPHA DOG, LARGO WINCH 2) as tyrannical as the scope on the basis of religion. 21-year-old Linda only wants to live and have fun. Meeting Chuck Traynor (Peter Sarsgaard ; JARHEAD, BLUE JASMINE), she can not resist his charisma cock and decides to leave the family home to marry her. In return, it makes the learning of a freedom hitherto unsuspected. Flattering beyond the flattery, Chuck convinces Linda to the existence of multiple talents in her and encouraged him to let them film them during their antics. Subsequently, loving and submissive, she agrees to play in a few scenes from a pornographic movie. In June 1972, the release of DEEP THROAT has passed from the status of unknown to that of superstar X. More encouraged by Chuck, the young woman seizes the opportunity and embarks on his new life.

The film’s plot, disrupts and disturbs far more than it does to reflect on the condition of the woman. Missed.

Before being announced as a biopic, LOVELACE is primarily a drama, even a tragedy, given the fate of its protagonists. LOVELACE is a drama film about a young girl, especially naive, and suggestible, who has learned to obey. For camping this role of composition, we find with pleasure the excellent Amanda Seyfried (TIME OUT, LES MISERABLES), which adds a new string to his bow. Sensitive and touching, the actress désarçonne and makes you think. Far from the glamorous life and sulfurous as you might imagine, it makes us penetrate with it in a universe that is just as harmful as superficial. Without seeing ourselves as activists, anti-pornography, it is necessary to admit that LOVELACE does not provide a portrait of enticing the middle. Environment in which the young Linda may pierce only through his “gift” and that the recrachera without any shame once his youth has passed. For the role of the husband is manipulative, abusive and filthy, the producers have chosen Peter Sarsgaard. A thousand places of his previous roles, the actor has managed to give a lot of consistency to a spouse ultimately very archetypal, raising his hand on his wife for never having to question it. In addition to interpret the best roles of their career, Amanda Seyfried and Peter Sarsgaard are a couple unique, beautiful, complex, and yet doomed to failure. Something that few actors of our generation come to embody, falling too often into the ease and silliness.

In the Face of them, it is a string of supporting roles that are linked and fit together. Start with a Sharon Stone disturbing and cold at the beginning, which manages to move us in the final sequence. Little, it would have made us cry. Then comes Adam Brody (Mr & Mrs SMITH, SCREAM 4). Confined to the roles of grand ado too funny to be taken seriously, the image of a certain Ashton Kutcher, the actor is already thirty-year-old brings a much needed comical and hilarious in a film is very serious in his remarks. Or at least in the treatment that it, in fact. Chris Noth, Chloë Sevigny, and Wes Bentley will join the ranks. Like James Franco (THE FANTASTIC WORLD of OZ, SPRING BREAKERS). Shocking and perfect, the actor portrays a Hugh Hefner, founder and owner of the Playboy magazine, even more vicious than it seems.

It is ultimately about the plan of the narrative that the film’s sins. And unfortunately, not a little ! Who had the idea sordid to make countless jumps in time ? Why deconstruct the narrative of a life that had been more intense if it had been shown in chronological order ? Has strength to move forward and backward in the life of Linda Lovelace, the filmmakers eventually we lose and, more than once. Although it only lasts 92 minutes, LOVELACE seems to be an accumulation of scenes more or less funny, more or less intense, more or less violent. The staging is original, unexpected, but dessert unfortunately the movie. Just like his music. Rowdy and allegedly of time, it bores and annoys by its volume deafening, and its cruel lack of relevance. Interspersed with amateur videos showing the two lovebirds to the sea, in vacation, LOVELACE gives the aesthetic of a clip of Lana Del Rey. For 3 minutes, it is acceptable. But not beyond !

A brutality is certain, both in its subject than in its staging, LOVELACE is perplexing. Half-way between A biopic and a family drama, the new film by Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman, tells primarily the story of a girl who has always wanted to please and never disappoint. The starlet before the climax of the starlets, the relationship between Linda Lovelace and Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian and sisters seems almost too obvious. The character that portrays Amanda Seyfried attracts pity but leaves us in a total misunderstanding. LOVELACE 2013 version intrigue, upsets and disturbs far more than it does to reflect on the condition of the woman. Missed.



The life of the actress pornographic Linda Lovelace, star of deep Throat, his turbulent relationships with her husband and manager Chuck Traynor, then his emancipation and his struggle within the movement, anti-pornography.

Original title : Lovelace

Achievement : Rob Epstein, Jeffrey Friedman

Scenario : Merritt Jahnson, Andy Bellin

Main actors : Amanda Seyfried, Peter Sarsgaard, Adam Brody, James Franco, Sharon Stone, Wes Bentley, Chloë Sevigny, Chris Noth

Country of origin : United States

Output : 8 January 2014

Duration : 1h32

Distributor : Warner Bros. France

Trailer :

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