REMEMBER sets the scene Liliane (Isabelle Huppert), working in a factory block, once known as Laura, a singer to success, including the sudden disappearance of the scene is still in the minds. She who has known the glory and the glitter and now lives incognito in a sanitized world, and deliberately devoid of emotion, punctuated by a daily life, boring as it drowns in the alcohol. She has paid dearly for his lapse. The sound of the terrines of pâté cognées between them, the hands of the factory clock or the ice cubes thrown into glass of whiskey is now the only musical universe of Liliane.

The filmmaker Bavo Defurne tells the story of his chance encounter with Jean (Kevin Azaïs), raised by his father in the cult of the singer. Two beings, which a priori have nothing to do together, but who will get to know each other, trust each other, do good, love one another. The return to life for one, and access to the adult world to the other. One rajeunira when the other matures. Obviously the other two films are moving to the scenarios close: When I was a singer in Xavier Giannoli by the about the relationship and the age difference and Jean-Philippe by Laurent Tuel by the one of the come-back tinkered and humor. Emotion in MEMORY is of course present, but it is a very discreet, subtle, without the drama. The director portrays very well the jubilation felt by Laura, who is reborn by the song. The transformation through the music is done by small keys, the joy reflected in the features of her face and her body is suddenly freed from its constraints. See and listen to Isabelle Huppert sing in evening dress in a kermesse cyclist an afternoon is worth the trip.

“REMEMBER this is a feel-good-movie-to-emotion, discrete and subtle, observing his characters with kindness, without judgment or mockery”

Bavo Defurne observes her characters with kindness, without judgment or mockery. The laughter that it provokes is never pathetic. The attitude of John, confronted with the world of appearances in the showbizz, will sometimes smile, but not his sincerity. Thanks to his humanity, he will realize somehow the fantasy of his father and also allow his mother to reconcile with a jealousy of another time. Of course, one does not really believe this story, but REMEMBER is a feel good movie, and the refrain of the song “Pretty boy” trottine for a long time in the head.


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