[critical] Mesrine : Death Instinct

Of the 60’s in Paris in the early 70’s in Canada, the criminal careers outside the norm a little rogue of Clichy named Jacques Mesrine.

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Release Date : October 22, 2008

Directed by Jean-Francois Richet

Film canadian, Italian, French

With Vincent Cassel, Cécile de France, Gérard Depardieu

Duration : 1h53min

Trailer :

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It was necessary to dare ! Dare to resume a movie that had more or less worked well when it was released in theaters in 1983 by a certain André Génovès, better known as a producer since this movie will be the one and the only of mister. Dare for a Vincent Cassel to take over 20 pounds for the filming of the movie. Dare to begin on the film in the Algeria of the 50’s with a torture scene. In short, you will have understood, Mesrine, the Death Instinct is without a doubt, the first part of the best remake of its kind of one of the greatest criminals that France had known.

Jean-Francois Richet, director of the film, has chosen to transpose into a diptych this “saga”. The first occurs in the late 50s to the late 60s. Where it all began, where it started to derail for this man who has an inglorious past in the army. How not to blow a lead when the work of the soldier is the one torturing ?

Parents almost indifferent to the return of their son, a father totally superficial in his life. A life that goes from bar to bar, whores in whores, of wheeling and dealing in wheeling and dealing. A man who refuses to stop, to freeze his persistence, his desire to win.

Mesrine, the Death Instinct is a violent film, without concessions. It is not there to smell the flowers of the fields and teaching far into the past of a man who will become an assassin and public enemy number 1 of a whole nation.

The backgrounds are very well-written. Some detail has been provided to them in order to enter fully into the action. Cassel is very memorable in Mesrine, such as the “man of a thousand faces”, constantly changing head, which can go from minute to minute of a man loving to hate.

The appearance of Depardieu is bluffing, guru of gang of criminals. One of Cécile de France is all the more so by interpreting Joan Schneider, one of his many conquests of the cross in the corner of a bar.

You never get bored in any way during the hour 53-minute-long film. A shoot that goes through France, Canada, Spain and the United States. A music which is signed by the great Marco Beltrami (Hellboy, Die Hard 4, Max Payne).

In short, it seems to me that there are no negative critique to make about this first part. A film punch in the films of Vincent Cassel. Apart from the fact that he must go and see the second to finish – if I can say – this life is so unique that Jacques Mesrine, one can only bow before this master of film.

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