[critical] Near Death Experience

Theair of nothing, since now more than ten years, and five long films (this one is the 6th), dynamic duo Gustave Kervern and Benoit Delepine have built a solid filmography and made their place in the French cinema. They continue in their vein of anti-establishment, taking a perverse pleasure in violating all the rules he could be in a textbook of cinema. The soul of film director d’Albert Dupontel had been hit when it had been directed by them in The great evening. At the time of the HD, their picture is still disgusting and worthy of a camera from the supermarket. The ” action “, if there is, is sometimes drowned in a super frame wide or hidden by a character, closing up the field, or filmed against the light.

As for the actors, they are here framed ” Tom & Jerry “: you never see their head, especially in the first part of the film. It is the physical and phrasing particular to Michel Houellebecq that invade the screen, and that is the main interest of the film: even a writer depressed, to total counter-job, wandering in the mountain in the cycling outfit! It is the worthy successor of the castings unlikely that have always populated the films grolandais, Brigitte Fontaine to Miss Ming. We had not seen “jaws” have been the same since Michel Simon!

The staging remains faithful to the habits of the duo with his humor, cold, far away jokes, schoolboy of Groland. The long, fixed shots, the absurdity of the few dialogues, all contributes to render the mental state of the “hero” in full burn-out, which did not want only one thing, suicide. The shifted poetry of Mammuth , however, has disappeared, the punk energy of the Big Night also, and there remain only the moments hollow, this drift, taking care not to do anything to be lovable.

“We are not dealing here with a trip psychedelic but rather to the last days of a man at the other end of the roll, sort of a remake soft for Two days to kill”

Although the title refers to the near-death experience, such as the lives the main character of Enter the void of Gaspar Noé, between the moment where he gets shot and the one where his soul flies, we are not dealing here with a trip psychedelic but rather to the last days of a man at the other end of the roll, sort of a remake soft for Two days to kill. This is where Near Death experiences will share the most: for some, it will be the best representation of a burn-out at the cinema, while for others it will be a vast scam, including the lack of any visual qualities, issues, story…) is bordering on amateurism, and returns to nothingness. If we make the synthesis, we can greet the approach hardliner of the duo, but it’ll have to be careful not to repeat too often the same old tricks, under the guise of originality.

Realization : Gustave Kervern, Benoît Delepine

Scenario : Gustave Kervern, Benoît Delepine

Main actors : Michel Houellebecq

Country of origin : Groland

Output : 10 September 2014

Duration : 1h27

Distributor : Ad Vitam

Synopsis : Paul, an employee on a telephone platform, is in full burn-out.

A Friday the 13th, the chronicle of news on this particular day appears to him as a signal to pass to the act.

Decided to realize his gesture, He fled to the mountains where he will live a unique experience.

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