[critical] NO pain NO GAIN

In Miami, Daniel Lugo, coach sportif, would do anything to live the “american dream” and enjoy, as his wealthy clients, of what life has to offer : luxury homes, cars and girls dream… To give all the chances to get there, he draws up a simple plan and (almost) perfect : remove one of his richest clients and… to steal from him his life. He carries with him two accomplices, Paul Doyle and Adrian Doorbal, also impressionable and ambitious.

NO pain NO GAIN is inspired by the incredible story, but true of all three of these kidnappers are amateurs who, in search of a better life, find themselves embedded in a series of criminal acts that escalate quickly… Nothing is ever as expected.

Author’s Note


Original title : Pain & Gain

Achievement : Michael Bay

Screenplay : Christopher Markus, Stephen McFeely based on the novel by Pete Collins

Main actors : Mark Wahlberg, Dwayne Johnson, Ed Harris, Anthony Mackie, Tony Shalhoub, Ken Jeong

Country of origin : United States

Output : 11 September 2013

Duration : 2h09mn

Trailer :

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Good. We will clarify the things. Yes, I’m 1m92 for 66kg (yes girls, you’re not dreaming, almost 2 meters of bones, dressed only in skin. Yum.) and no, my visit to the cinema has nothing to do with any of the complex psychological (and muscle especially) ! And no, compared to my note, this is not because I was expecting a film in the style of Michael Bay to have, the pleasure, the joy of the denigrate.

No, really.

But the fact is that the film is not good (hehe). That is all. So, me and my 4kg the bench press, you get out, head high (no, honestly, stop it, I say to you that I do not complex not). Finally, the low head rather. A point-of-view cinema, it is ” low ” qualifier that is best for you.

Because yes, plenty of things to disappoint in reality. With what to begin ? Ah, hey, have you seen the trailer ? Ben it is so good. No need to pay for a place. Unless you’re in the mood to see a trailer of two hours to the place.

It is long when even two hours.

After that, it’s your business eh.

The achievement is indeed far too bumpy. The plans are too rapid, common, the music is blaring and intrusive. The film is a washing machine. You come out of it completely wrung out. But like any good machine, it respects the colors. Because the color is good. It is pretty. But that doesn’t mean that the more you put the color, the more it’s going to be nice Michael ! Non, non, non ! Serious fault ! After the ears, it is the retina which saturates. The miscellany of colors not assorted and vivid, does more harm than good. And participates in the unpleasant side unconscious of the film.

And why the sun never sets ??

It is rough, Michael. And this is not because I do not fill a Marcel that I say that.

Good aesthetics is not the only negative point. The way of telling the story would expect the same for the two. The narration ? No. It’s not it’s not there any more. But that is what it is that this idea, largely unplanned in addition, multiple narrators ? It is rough, Michael. And this is not because I do not fill a Marcel that I say that. I must confess that for a simple story and linear progressions complex are only a difficulty unnecessary added, that, finally, occupy a prominent place, and spoil the story. Why bother to so much bother ? For the pure joy of suffering ? I’m not here to criticize the practices of each one (far from it. I’m lagging enough pans like that), but if the DM likes to Michael Bay, so be it ! But he makes another film, which will, consequently, another classification is more appropriate, and which will allow him to give free rein to his desires.

Of course, it is badly filmed, it is poorly told, poorly directed, but still there is a good positive point. Three in fact. The key actors. The most awesome : Dwayne Johnson. I had already made fun in BE COOL where his capacity for self mockery and kind of dumb was sparks. Here, bodybuilder fan of Jesus, the charm operates. Good, you calm down, this is not the oscar. It’s just that I try to relate what I liked in this movie. Similarly Wahlberg and Mackie allow the film to rise a little we extract a few smiles in the middle of a breakup technique.

What makes especially smile, it is their stupidity. It is the idiot of their reaction and their behavior. Their reflections throughout the film can help you identify as, and realize that, ultimately, they are not really villains, but simply idiots. It makes them endearing. (It is still sad when I read it I find.)

Sad, because the movie wanted to be whistle blower of the american dream, through the America, bla bla bla… Bay, Wahlberg, Johnson, 26 000 000 of budget… do I need to add something ? Aahhh Sweet Irony when you hold us…

Because it is not, of course, it is far from being in a film as poignant and whistleblower. It remains on of the big format, and so on stuffing black goody-goody who, in an attempt to show what it wants to say, don’t hesitate to make toooooooonnes to support its approach and try to explain to the many viewers that it is intended. The dialogues serve only to, literally, explain what it is that tries to expose the film. It is heavy. Very. I have not counted how many times we could hear ” It is possible, it is in America ! “, ” I want it, so I can ! “ or other replicas even more philosophical (and not supported), but I leave you, with joy, what pleasure ! For me, that’s for sure, I will not go back. Me, the DM, it’s not my thing.

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