[critical] One Husband Too many

Emma is the famous presenter of a radio show that helps people find love, and his book is in head of sales. Millions of people regard it as the best consultant in human relations.

Higher states like, she is going in addition to marry Richard, a man who has it all. His life is an ocean of fullness… until she realizes that by a strange mystery, it seems that she is legally already married ! To avoid seeing his life and his projects explode, the only solution is to find this husband she has never seen in order to correct this incredible mistake.

When Emma discovers Patrick, a firefighter as charming as immature, she did not doubt he is hiding a big secret. The meeting of their two worlds is a shock. While the union with Richard is getting closer and closer, she began to be seduced by the free spirit and the passion of this man that she would never have had to meet… For Emma, there is no longer a question of choosing between a husband and the other, it is time to discover itself.

Author’s Note


Release Date : August 27, 2008

Directed by Griffin Dunne

Film british

With Uma Thurman, Colin Firth, Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Duration : 1h30min

Original title : The Accidental Husband

Trailer :

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A husband too or the story of a girl, now grown up, who was crying while reading The lady and the Tramp. On one side, and a character built by Emma and the other Emma. The first attempts to demonstrate the ridiculousness and naivete of fairy tales ( which he brings together heroes “incompatible” ). The second character, the real Emma ( because the viewer for an hour and a half hope she will wear the “wings of love” ), with respect to it bathe in the silliness.

Take two beings to be diametrically opposed, who meets, by chance, in a situation of the most original, you get yet another comedy to the rose water. Don’t get me wrong ! There is an intense reflection : love is here to read on two levels : “you want to love someone that you don’t like” and ” you don’t want to love someone that you love “. The viewer is reassured, the meditation will not be intense and it will be able to surrender freely to this entertainment.

No one counts the greater the amount of gaze that is exchanged Uma Thurman ( Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, Bowler Hat and Leather Boots ) and Jeffrey Dean Morgan ( Watchmen, and here, in the role of Patrick ). As if a sign ” they are in love ! “. But that matter finally, even though the viewer can guess the end from the beginning, it is not there for that purpose, but to relax.

Considering this film as it is, namely, not a lot, we spend quite pleasantly one hour and a half of ” entertainment “. The characters are endearing, although it might be too stereotypical : Emma, a woman who is desperately trying to control her life, Richard ( Colin Firth that we find in Bridget Jones : The age of Reason or Love Actually ) the most English of gallant men, and finally Patrick, an american is somewhat beefy but still nice. Up to extras, the shadow overwhelms the screen : we find a couple of same sex that have nothing to envy to the performance of Josiane Balasko in the Turf Cursed.

The small hints of humour, well performed by the game player, to relieve the film of this heaviness. The staging plays with a lot of contrasts, especially between the words of Emma and the facts. Whether this is within small sequences ( Emma says take alcohol if she recites the names of the presidents in order. In the next shot, she recites, in effect, these names up to the Bush administration that accompanies the spatters of alcohol to a drunk woman ), or in the film as a whole ( the principles reassuring Emma against the risk that it takes in entichant of a man such as Patrick ).

If we replace our three main actors by others, will remain an ounce of cinematographic works here ? I wonder…

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