[critical] QUIET TIME

Michel Leproux just found by chance THE jazz record that he has sought all his life. He would like to have a little quiet time to listen to it…. But the half of the earth (his son, his wife, lover and lovers, neighbors, workers, “Polish”, etc) will try to prevent it !

Patrice Leconte is not exactly a novice in terms of popular comedy.

The filmography of the man has the ultra cultissimo-drôlissime The Bronzed Are Skiing (And its predecessor, the friendly The Tan… And its successor, the foul and “opportunistic” Tanned 3)

and then other classics of French cinema, such as Come With Me, I Live At A Friend’s house, Tandem, Ridiculous… His film, the most convincing is for me its more stripped… The Girl On The Bridge. It may also include Dogora as a dazzling artistic interesting, even if he was struggling at the end, to convince.

The Point of this kind of originalities in this A Time of Peace. There is a program classic, while benefiting from all the experience of the director. A program that is to transpose a piece of theatre on the big screen.

Leconte deals with it brilliantly, mainly through the energy crazy given the film. An energy that recalls the best of its films, including tanned 2 and its rhythm is mind-blowing – the humor pest.

The implementation uses ALL the artifices imaginable to it. Music deliberately exaggerated accompanying input/output stage, movements of all kinds, and action ; sequences intelligent level dialogues or situations, constrictions of space (huis-clos), direction of the actors… Everything is rather successful.

“an adaptation of rhythmic and rather successful piece of theater self-titled in spite of a Christian Keyboard in automatic mode”

In the background, A Quiet Time has a bad spirit that flirts dangerously with the limits of the morally acceptable.

Florian Zeller (the original author) to an imagined character whose selfishness pronounced increases his misanthropy. Each situation therefore serves to highlight her character traits : racist, fine… Yes, but not more than the average.

If you like this bold risk-taking to reflect relevant in that it refers to the French as “high-medium” in a popular comedy, it should be recognized that the subtlety of the game of Fabrice Luchini (the interpreter original) would have been much more relevant than the self-parody that we book Christian clavier. The first with this aura misanthrope and cultivated necessary to operate the character, when the second we made up a character navigating between the pettiness of Jacquart (The Visitors), the racism tolerated by Claude Verneuil (That is what we did in the Good God ?), and a few other characters are outraged it the secret. The problem being, of course, is that there is neither involvement, nor originality on his part.

The rest of the cast is against it, rather suitable. The script vaudevillesque has imagined several characters, especially the clichés (the mistress, the son good for nothing..) but well enough written to punctuate the play/film in their interactions. We would add that each actor operates his aura – Bonneton in gueularde, Bouquet in “woman-who-thinks”… Effective, even if there are no surprises.

A Quiet Time encumbered, therefore, will be bankable for Christian Keyboard

Fortunately, Patrice Leconte and florian Zeller have the intelligence to temper it sometimes, the excessive off-topic of the actor. This is achieved through small details, phrases, or situations in a surprising… Like the assumption that it is more uneducated than it does the leaves appear, or the final surprise or emotion overwhelms the viewer by obscuring this Leproux-Keyboard, by surprise.

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Original title : A quiet time

Production : Patrice Leconte

Scenario : Florian Zeller

Main actors : Christian clavier, Carole Bouquet, Valérie Bonneton

Country of origin : France

Released : December 31, 2014

Duration : 1h19min

Distributor : Wild Bunch Distribution

Synopsis : Michel, passionate about jazz, has just nabbed an album of rare that dream to listen quietly in her living room. But the whole world seems to be banded together against him : his wife chooses precisely this moment to make him a revelation untimely, her son arrives unannounced, one of his friends knocks on the door, while his mother does not cease to call on his cell phone… not to mention the fact that it is on this day of the famous Festival of Neighbors… Manipulator, liar, Michel is ready to do anything for peace. Is it still possible, today, to have a little quiet time ?


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