Guillaume Canet with ROCK ‘ N ROLL, a foray into auto-fiction spoof addresses between delirium and derision the crisis of the quarantine at the home of a movie star.

Guillaume Canet is 43 years old and does no longer really the same will be with the female. A young actress with whom he shoots him admit that he is no longer part of the list of actors with whom one would like to bed. Not enough rock so-called. When he returns home, he finds his star wife, Marion Cotillard, who since she learned that she was turning with Xavier Dolan does not speak more than in quebec. Guillaume alias the Goose or Lase is not going to let his image, cushy tarnish his quarantine. He decided to build another image : that of a guy in a rock ‘ n roll.

Gone is the image of the ideal son in law ! The “William again” arrived and began to make pokers frenzied, out box, take of the rails of coke and vomit on it under the gaze of witnesses are not missing shoot it. The day, he shot a movie where he portrays a father whose daughter twenty years is the same one that he tries to convince his rock n roll attitude. Here, too, Guillaume will try to shake up the shooting by proposing absurd things, not assuming to play a role again too smooth. Its revolution around the inner (and outer) goes in crescendo and leads to a few scenes funny, like the one where he tries in vain to reassure its producers (Yvan Attal and Alain Attal) in spite of its metamorphosis to the least disturbing , or the one where he meets with Ben Foster for a casting against the job with his physique, which, let’s face it, has nothing of a young first.

This is not the first auto-fiction parody of the genre. We of course think of My wife is an actress of’Yvan Attal (also in the film) or Arnaud made his second film d’Arnaud Viard. Here also, Guillaume Canet is fun to mix the true and the false, the sham and the mise en abyme, but to force them to hype his movie ends by letting us remotely of this delirium of cult of youth and, most annoying, only makes us more laugh where the first part of the film, however, was quite encouraging. It is in this that we see more Marion Cotillard hilarious star in the natural, growing his vegetables in the middle of the living room and so immersed in her role that she speaks only quebecois with a talent and a sense of humor that is well worth the detour. ROCK ‘ N ROLL, also featuring other stars expected to give the changes (of the great family of the stars …) Johnny Halliday, Kev Adams , or Gilles Lellouche. They serve mostly to remind us that people are not people like the others, where Yvan Attal or Arnaud Viard showed just the opposite.

“The few traits of mind from the beginning give way to a farce grotesque without depth” Click To Tweet

Thus especially the first half of the film, which affects us more when it deals with humour and self-deprecating questions surely the actual (and more universal) director-actor around the fear of aging or of the image that it returns. Guillaume Canet is definitely more funny when he is unsure of himself when he throws a pathetic actor re-worked and unappreciated. The few traits of mind from the beginning give way to a farce grotesque without depth, which appears as a foot of nose to all the fans : there is no star who wants to. A vision for the less cushy.

Anne Laure Farges

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Original title : Rock ‘ n ‘ Roll

Realization : Guillaume Canet

Screenplay :Guillaume Canet, Philippe Lefebvre, Rodolphe Lauga

Main actors : Guillaume Canet, Marion Cotillard, Gilles Lellouche

Release Date : February 15, 2017

Duration : 2h03min

2.0final grade
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