[critical] Ruthless

Kansas 1880. William Munny, redoutable hors-la-loi was converted in husbandry will, at the request of a young killer, resume service to avenge a prostitute disfigured by a cow-boy sadistic.

Author’s Note


Release Date : September 12, 1992

Directed by Clint Eastwood

Film american

With Clint Eastwood, Gene Hackman, Morgan Freeman

Duration : 2h 11min

Original title : Unforgiven

Trailer :

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The theme of the transmission, so dear to Clint Eastwood, is here treated by the absurd. Showing all the trouble to kill, and the horror of the killing, Munny disgusted never the Kid to engage in the same path as him. This was also the conclusion which had happened to Ned. Relapsed heretic, if one may say so, it will pay of his life, ended in a torture of christ, the return to violence. Only a protective half-divine, half-diabolic ensures to William Munny a protection against the bullets that would have had to kill him.

Munny has probably permanently paid for his evil past actions. Life on the farm, a paradise on earth gradient, was not made for him. It was only an act of contrition, accepted as a tribute to his wife. Munny will be rewarded for being confronted with the world. It will install in the city where he will according to the moral puritan protestant, who permits a man to redeem his fault by his actions.

In the western twilight, the film clearly refers to as the heir to John Ford

Clint Eastwood gives reason for prostitutes to have wanted to get revenge. However, those who have held a denial of justice, that they take heed : the divine vengeance may sometimes fall on them. Eastwood does not depart, and not of the moral Inspector Harry who had almost pretended to be a filmmaker fascist, advocating the circumvention of the institutions when they are corrupted. Probably, the decontextualization of social permitted by the western makes it more acceptable to this message. Munny also appears less arrogant and more bruised in his flesh as the unflappable Harry.

Eastwood transposes the last time the topic of biblical justice in the western after the already very successful Man Of the High Plains and Pale Rider. In the western twilight, the film clearly refers to as the heir to John Ford. The discussion on the tomb of the beloved woman gone too soon evokes without a doubt, The Load on Heroic, so that the distortion of facts by the journalists to write the legend of the west, in defiance of the remorse of veterans returns to the end of Fort Apache or The Man Who shot Liberty Valance.

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