[critical] SADNESS CLUB

On has often accused the French films to be pale imitations of their american counterparts. SADNESS CLUB we prove the contrary by his artistic direction, straight from the universe of Wes Anderson. This starts with the generic pink, black and white, whose words perfectly centred are written in the font Futura. Twenty-thirty minutes later this was followed by the main theatre of action : a hotel abandoned. And what is the disruptive event of the film in your opinion ? A mysterious disappearance.

Beyond its many similarities with THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL, this comedy-drama is distinguished by a scenario very original. Several twists and turns alter the trajectory of the plot, and complicates the links between the protagonists. On the other hand, the staging turns out to be a little disappointing. The sexual tension between Chloé (Ludivine Sagnier) and Bruno (Vincent Macaigne) discomfort because the characters are too uncomfortable, which makes this idyll unhealthy. As for the reaction of Léon (Laurent Lafitte) about the past of Chloe, it is absolutely not credible. In the Face of a great revelation, we can only react in a way so serene, it is too simple.

Also, speaking of characters, what is it the game of their performers ? Ludivine Sagnier retains its role of a woman the loves disorders, not knowing really what she wants, to the image of his previous role in LOVE AND TURMOIL, but also attracts the scorn by his side, childish and indecisive. Laurent Lafitte in the father of a family lost and seared by the adventures of his father reports the cast as a whole. Haughty, scornful, funny, provocative, sometimes coarse, it is the only one to be really credible. Moreover, the goal of the director –Vincent Mariette– was to establish the character of Leo in the vein of Bill Muray by his side, a cocky but endearing. Vincent Macaigne is a good looser marginal but his character ends up boring.

“SADNESS CLUB is the perfect balance between joy and melancholy.”

Although borrowed from Wes Anderson, photography is not breathing the plagiarism. Offering a panoramic view and it is centered to the millimeter, the image is only a reference to the entire filmography of the director. A contrario, the music, though well-chosen and enjoyable, made more office of a tapestry than anything else. It does not really connect with the emotions of the characters and the mood of each scene.

SADNESS CLUB is the perfect balance between joy and melancholy, as evidenced by its title, combining the sadness of a club, supposed to be a place of pleasure. It is much deeper than it seems. Although the first few scenes deal with many clichés, make no mistake. The film raises a question in a heated romantic relationship, however unconventional, and their collateral damage on the surroundings in particular. What injuries can the family have passions in love outside marriage ? What happens to parent-child relationships ?

Real surprise, SADNESS CLUB seduced by its original screenplay and his trio of burlesque. Suitable for an adult audience, it fits more in the category of “comedies” smart as THE BOYS AND GUILLAUME, A TABLE ! that in that of pure entertainment. For his first feature film, Vincent Mariette has given us an interesting film but not resulted at certain times. More reflection psychological would not have been too much.

Original title : Tristesse Club
Achievement : Vincent Mariette
Screenplay : Vincent Mariette, Vincent Poymiro
Main actors : Ludivine Sagnier, Laurent Lafitte, Vincent Macaigne
Country of origin : France
Output : 04 June 2014
Duration : 1h30mn
Distributor : Haut et court
Synopsis : If you like games of tracks, old Porsche, sisters who are not, fathers not really dead, lakes and their secrets: welcome to the club.

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