Por mention the seventh film of the official selection of the Champs-Elysées Film Festival, it should be clear from the start that the title of the film comes from a play on words more or less funny. Indeed, the more attentive of you have already figured out that SEE YOU NEXT TUESDAY is to understand by the C. U. N. T., or rather “cunt”. Which literally translates to “pussy” or “bitch”. Therefore, you can assume that the first feature film by Drew Tobia, a young film director, is completely crazy and very irreverent. Details.

To say that I have enjoyed this SEE YOU NEXT TUESDAY would be a lie. A little long, very vulgar, and completely messy, I asked myself, and this multiple times, where Drew Tobia was trying to finally take us. In narrating the life of a young woman who is about to give birth and whose life is a true foutoire, you end up thinking that the film is that the visual representation of the mind of its director and screenwriter. Mona (played by Eleanor Pienta) is a woman, a priori, shy, who, as soon as you push it to the end, finished off by farting a lead, literally down and become the total opposition of what it was previously. If you can at the beginning to find it cute and friendly as a little atypical, she quickly becomes a character that one defines evil, that is poorly understood and with which one identifies little. And this is a real problem depends entirely on this character.

Around it revolve the spectra of his mother May (played by Dana Eskelson), and her sister Jordan (played by Molly Punk). Completely really weird, they form a trio completely to the side of the plate which destabilizes and gives furiously the skull ! Wanting to create a realistic work, Drew Tobia chose to focus on scenes and arguments of everyday life. But too many want to do true, you eventually get bored. Has the image of this scene where Mona is fighting in the middle of the street with his mother and the two women cry over. You don’t hear anything, you don’t understand anything. (By chance, there are sub-titles !) If the director simply wanted to show women with lots of problems, and lives quite frankly lame, it is successful. For the rest, we will go back.

“The fans of humour, a bit trashy love, not the other !”

In chaining, problems, scenes, outliers and discussions confused, Drew Tobia eventually lose its viewer. And it is not helped by the heavy atmosphere that emanates from SEE YOU NEXT TUESDAY. A phrase that we hear during the film, and that has accentuated a little more my misunderstanding – if it was possible. The characters cannot be recuperated them, plunging into scenes of delirium without end, all accompanied by music that annoys as it is noisy. Without being deeply bad, SEE YOU NEXT TUESDAY is far from being a success, and even very far from the comedy of the year. Fans of humour, a bit trashy love, not the other !


The champs-Elysées Film Festival 2014

Original title : See You Next Tuesday

Achievement : Drew Tobia

Scenario : Drew Tobia

Main actors : Eleanor Pienta, Dana Eskelson, Molly Punk

Country of origin : United States

Output : coming SOON

Duration : 1h22mn

Distributor : Independencia

Synopsis : With his nervous breakdown, a girl pregnant rather strange disrupts the life of his mother, a former alcoholic lunatic, and her sister lesbian neurotic.

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