The scene is unlikely. Diane Kruger, in a disguise of a pin-up way Playboy, disguised as a truck stolen, all in Las Vegas. The actress hopped, uncomfortable in the middle of two look-alikes of Elvis. And yet this is not so outlandish in the light of the course of Romy, her character in SKY. Travel in the american West with her husband (played by the very French Gilles Lelouche), they seem both so different and one quickly understands that the couple no longer works. She came to discover another world. Him, to ” entertain “. He will go get drunk, humiliating his wife in front of two strangers, before you try to have forced sex with her. It took at least that for Romy to be answered to kick of the bedside lamp on the head before heading towards the unknown.

Fabienne Berthaud has still taken five years before releasing a new feature film, after Franckie (2005) and bare Feet on slugs (2010). The director finds to SKY his actress fetish Diane Kruger (in each movie) she takes pleasure to shoot, and in fact here a character in search of an identity. Barefoot on the slugs was already the actress in the skin of a woman in search of a form of freedom, having been obliged to detach from his life at the time. But by opting for the genre of the road movie and with this scenery in the background (of Las Vegas to the plains of Nevada), sometimes found in SKY something of My Blueberry Nights from Wong Kar-wai. As in the latter, the journey of Romy will consist of a series of meetings at the same time simple and intense. She discovers another world (with the indian people), will bottom out, ridiculisera sometimes but will also keep the head high and will continue to move forward. What, then, are the cracks and fragility of this woman that reveal gently Fabienne Berthaud.

Throughout, the director lingers to film the faces of his protagonists with precision. We live out each of the reactions that can be read on the face of Romy ; his worries, his anxieties, his fears, but also her joy sometimes inexplicable, which alternates with a certain melancholy. A complex character, which does not prevent that one clings to. This in spite of an evolution sometimes abrupt in its character (the main regret of the film) showing some of the facilities story. Because if one understands Romy in his quest for freedom, and in his will out of love (perfectly brought by Berthaud), one remains puzzled by his change of position from his encounter with Diego (the charismatic Norman Reedus). Him falling quickly in his arms in spite of the distance he keeps putting between them. Romy appears to be a first time sticky, or sweltering. To such A point that you can’t help but make the link between the nasty cough of Diego, more persistent (as a result of exposure to toxic materials during the war), and the omnipresence of Romy in her life. The empathy switches as well to this character who knows he is condemned and refuses any form of fastener. It will be the last moments of SKY, and a Romy (almost) alone, but flourished, in order to experience the same empathy for her.

“Diane Kruger radiates and captivates as rarely.”

SKY requires finally that we are allowed to wear by the look of his director. To be trusted, and that there is with its protagonists through his camera. A camera that is constantly keep its heroine in the context of the image. When Romy walks into a small-holding in a casino depressing to Las Vegas, always in motion around the slot machines, Fabienne Berthaud does not lose of view. A sequence to the image of the film. Because if we don’t always know where the filmmaker takes us, where will end this quest, it is with pleasure that we accept the follow. We are still so fascinated by the beauty that she manages to capture, natural sceneries (Fabienne Berthaud films with attention to the desert, the sky and nature), to the great locations of the american West, accompanied by a soundtrack especially sensory. A background within which Diane Kruger radiates and captivates as rarely. His presence alone gives to the SKY its charm and its fragility.

Stone Siclier



Original title : SKY

Production : Fabienne Berthaud

Scenario : Fabienne Berthaud,Pascal Arnold

Main actors : Diane Kruger, Norman Reedus, Gilles Lellouche

Country of origin : France

Released : April 6, 2016

Duration : 1h42min

Distributor : Haut et Court

Synopsis : On holiday with her husband in the american West, Romy decides to put an end to this relationship is toxic and to get his life in hand. Of Las Vegas to the plains of Nevada, the road will be full of improbable encounters, intense, and all the bearers of a new hope…

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