[critical] Slumdog Millionaire

Jamal Malik, 18 years old, an orphan living in the slums of Mumbai, is on the verge of winning a staggering 20 million rupees in the indian version of the show Who wants to be a millionaire ? It is no longer a question of victory when the police stopped him on suspicion of cheating.

Challenged to justify his right answers, Jamal explains where it come from his knowledge and talks about his life in the street, his family stories and even that of the girl he fell in love and that he has lost.

But how this young man is-he reached the final of a tv show ? The answer is not part of the game, but it is exciting.

Author’s Note


Release Date : January 14, 2009

Directed by Danny Boyle

Film the american, british

With Dev Patel, Mia Drake, Freida Pinto

Duration : 2h00min

Original title : Slumdog Millionaire

Trailer :

My first experience with the cinema of Danny Boyle to fit through Small Murder Between Friends (1994), gem committed (meaning film, non-political !) the scenario sheared with surgical precision. This footage showed the capabilities of a new director ; Trainspotting (1996), rant to a certain youth heroin addict, will confirm this talent.

The result is less conclusive, with trials that were not processed, and this growing interest for epic adventures and futuristic, the style quite formatted. The adventure is commendable, away from the basic criteria that make up the quality of a film becomes suicidal !

With Slumdog Millionaire, Danny Boyle takes over the suburbs, destitute of a megalopolis indian pou realize a chronicle of the third world (there will always be a minority to exploit the poverty of the majority, this is written in the Story Mr. Boyle – it is written !).

With its eight Oscars, this recognition ‘supreme’ presaged the very best and the best it does absolutely nothing, it was, on the contrary, the worst !

The scenario compels us to believe in these coincidences which go beyond all human understanding, the height of ridiculous is reached at the episode of the little child in God Rama ! No one touches not the ridiculous, we are swimming in the thick of it !

Danny Boyle uses the ellipse in time, the lives of the two children is transposed on 3 different periods, the highlight of the show lies in the second, when the two cherubim, and speak English, worthy students in the interpreter (remember that they come from a slum, they do not know how to read or write !). We are more in the ridiculous, but in a piss-take indecent ! Yes, I forgot, they are real small, tourist guides, too !

These implausibilities story décrédibilisent ignoble the ‘scenario’, Danny Boyle throws in grazing these two kids without no approach of funds, uses the usual clichés of poverty, of exploitation in terms of visuals, but what about the genesis of this situation ?

Danny Boyle
does not spare us not this black and white stamped hollywood, this struggle is primary of good against evil.

Aesthetically overrated, angelically over-stylized, it’s like sometimes in a movie the New Age to teen pre-pubescent. Its effects can not even convince, this plunge of Jamal in the poo is a joke nauseating ; the bathtub scene with these bundles money is a poor abyssal (why Salim is not leaking’t it ?!) and the response left on the ice steamy toilet is a predictable absolute ; the stage of the gratuity of $ 100 is a bit too cute isn’t stupid !

This surfeit of effects and implausibilities causes of sour stomachs to no end, STOP !

Acclaimed by critics, almost unanimous, well-thinking and conformist, Slumdog Millionaire will collect the consecration of his peers, this Academy is prestigious, that will, among other things, theOscar for the Best Film (in competition with, in particular, The Reader, Harvey Milk , and Frost / Nixon – The Time Of Truth). This award constitutes perjury to the most vile species, and institutionalizes a fringe growing filmmakers invested a single mission : to make money, in disregard of the intelligence of the viewer !

Let us remember that a film as deep and sincere as Salaam Bombay ! (Mira Nair), on the same topic, not even having obtained theOscar for the Best foreign Film in 1989 : inconsistency, corporatism, incompetence, cheating ? Make your choice, there is a call for help… the public !

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