Has the announcement of a new trilogy of Star Wars after the purchase of Lucasfilm by Disney in 2012, there was a lot of excitement with fans of the film series. The excitement of seeing the birth of a suite that we did not expect even not, and that the adventure continues. The excitement became palpable during this year of 2015, with the first images of STAR WARS VII : THE AWAKENING OF THE FORCE, presented sparingly. Disney, proving, if it was necessary, his master’s degree in marketing, going to put it on the bench its main competitors, and managed to keep the biggest secret around this new album. As the fateful date of the release of the first film of a third trilogy announced drew closer, suddenly excitement gave way to some concern. Not find in this episode. That they are already too grown up and then maybe feel the same thing as those betrayed by the prélogie of Lucas. Me, still young at the time, couldn’t see (and still today) that the fire in front of this prélogie. And if now the adult had taken the not on the child ? As evidenced by the discrediting of its staff to the new trilogy of X-men compared to the immediately preceding ten years.

The light in the room turns off, first the famous introduction to this distant galaxy, and then that’s that scrolls the synopsis long-awaited and as-yet unknown – at the request of the production, which until the end wishes to leave the surprise to the spectators, it will reveal nothing about the plot nor about the relationships between the characters. First good news, the chills are still there. It is expected all the same discover the first drawings, the first characters and the first dialogues before you can be sure that the charm and magic still works. It is good. It just flows correctly, better than expected even ! A sigh of relief and then smiles a playful and even a thought for J. J. Abrams, the director, to whom were entrusted the keys of the saga. There is no doubt that it will have been on the good side of the force because we are in front of a large Star Wars that will mark the history of the saga.

We had noticed during the interviews and other statements by members of the film team, and agility some not to mention the episodes of the prélogie. In fact, with STAR WARS VII : THE AWAKENING OF THE FORCE, J. J. Abrams went to draw intelligently on the side of the first movies (episodes IV, V and VI). On the one hand because his film acts as a direct sequel to the latter, but on the other hand, and above all, to reconcile fans of the first hour. All of this obviously without forgetting to speak to those who have escaped the phenomenon so far. As well, there are intelligent nods, either by a sentence that is evocative, or an object that has already been used before. And Abrams creates a very special atmosphere around the protagonists of the oldest. A way to observe their life in the past, where they had left off at the end of Return of the Jedi, while indicating the reasons for their change in this present. A certain depth of character that grows ever more empathy. J. J. Abrams manages to adapt the saga as a whole. Has the to bring in some of his obsessions and personal while remaining faithful.

“There is no doubt that J. J. Abrams has been on the good side of the force because we are in front of a large Star Wars that will mark the history of the saga.”

This loyalty is reflected in the storyline – born of the collaboration between Abrams, Lawrence Kasdan (Star Wars V and VI) and Michael Arndt – close to that of the previous films (we will not say which to keep the mystery on the story). The impression of déjà-vu, of course, but fully in line with what is expected of Star Wars , and the AWAKENING OF THE FORCE in particular. Namely, offer a new basis from which may be the result of episodes VIII and IX, a priori always more rich. It is thus that we discover new characters, like Finn and Rey – but also of Poe, and the lovable droid BB-8. Based on them, J. J. Abrams discusses new tracks that Lucas had not yet mentioned (via the origin of Finn). Their relationship quickly becomes the anchor point of this new trilogy. Giving them to each of the traits of the previous hero, between complicity and duality, while seeking a form of renewal. We also find with them a lot of humour – something that is unique to Abrams and that, in fact, one of the episodes funniest – finesse, or by situations perfectly well on a lead. If John Boyega (Finn), takes its role effectively, one retains above all the actress Daisy Ridley. A great deal of confidence in the most difficult scenes, managing to be believable. She interprets Rey, exciting, funny, poignant but above all strong. A great heroine as was rarely seen in Star Wars, and yet too little at the cinema in general. Let us not forget to note the ambiguity and complexity that surround Kylo Ren, rendering fascinating and terrifying by the excellent Adam Driver.

Of course, as expected, J. J. Abrams doesn’t forget we put full eyes. Visually it leaves us often without a voice, we are plunging in the heart of the action in each of the lawsuits / battles of vessels. Scenes always crystal clear and never hacks. The many sceneries grandiose – and other creatures – add even more to the imagination of Star Wars, even though it was already well filled. This action, as well as the passages more “quiet” place with a great mastery on the part ofAbrams that found some plans for a real wonder. A scene smoothly, mixing again the paw of the developer to the style of the saga, punctuated by a mounting well thought out. In the end, THE AWAKENING OF THE FORCE leaves us speechless, delighted of end-to-end. The latest twists and turns, as powerful as those encountered during the saga, will certainly under shock. And as soon as the picture closes, showing the credits at the end with his legendary theme music – a composition of all of John Williams is always so wonderful – we are already faced with the excitement and waiting to see the result. Because even if it seems to lift the veil on many elements, THE AWAKENING OF THE FORCE opens especially door to a great adventure to come.

Stone Siclier

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