After the success of Stars 80, the team re-offending and offers a work without soul or madness. Our editor Fabian has been dedicated to get a preview. Return on an evening of discomfort and inintérêt.

20h15 : It is over twenty hours, and the Evil lurking in the shadows. Under the moonlight, you see a look that you ice the heart. You try to scream but terror takes the sound before you do the cast. You start to freeze as horror looks at you straight in the eye. You’re paralyzed. Because it is a Thriller, the night of the Thriller… A bit like a feeling of déjà vu, non ? This feeling looming in the distance without even having to navigate through your body. As you already know, STARS 80, THE RESULT will not be the masterpiece as hoped, or this object, misshapen, full of vitality. The queue has only just been formed. Distribution of wig obliges, the crowd comes to life, grows as the time goes by. Sounds ugly then climb on a long and hellish corridor. This is it. The crowd. Full of fans of the first hour, and individuals feeling the massacre emerge. Hardly the time to google-ize the reasons of my presence here (404 File Not Found), the gates of hell sequined open. One of my friends sent me : “There is still time to save yourself “. Determined, I ignore his message, and me rushing into the movie theater. Gross error.

20: 30 : The room is filling up. A few seats remain empty. The space of a second, I think this free space and to the possibility that I had to leave my seat vacant in remaining in my bed before the programming of Arte on Monday evening. The Fear becomes total when a good part of the hall puts on this wig as colourful as it is annoying. The team of the film is to applaud under a tide of applause, while a covert despair began to enter my mind, already cold by this festival of beaufitude. The time humming a little Born to be Alive , and a slight Need of nothing want from you, the team vanishes, while the degenerate fifty-year olds flock to the feet of their idols.20.45 : On an air of Relaxation, the movie starts. The hands clap and feet tap. First escape spiritual : not, but, you remember this passage in Body Double where De Palma featured the clip of Relaxation with a virtuosity unique. It was like mouth that this bunch of heaviness. A true sense of the frame, the space, the lights and the place of the camera to arouse the orgasm emotional. Not like these with musical interludes where the director of photography seems to have attempted suicide after having discovered the project that he was entrusted with. But what do you want ? We do not De Palma with Langmann.

21 : When my mind wanders, sweet words are touching my ear drum : the The Land. No, no choreography millimétrée, not gone nostalgic or evenAnother Day of Sun, just a reference unnecessary powering a joke just as useless.

21h03 : Who am I ? Where am I ? Why ? So many questions raised that Image to gerber. Because, let’s face it, the film Langmann is not measured in terms of visual quality, far from it. I assisted, powerless, to these editing effects and these plans do not work, you can make the switch from Pécas for the Chaplin. Torn between the desire to escape and the party, I embarked in the modern odyssey in the depths of darkness, of boredom, where the madness creeps in insidiously in the body, like a raft on a river unexplored. Werner Herzog is never far away, and Klaus Kinski appears to have put back the Colonel Kurtz, for a history of 45 turns of Jean-Luc Lahaye. I love the smell of calm in the early morning…

21h22 : How to handle it with subtlety, the art of concealment ? This film is not an example. A few minutes will come from elsewhere remind us of the fact with a fervor so little in common : the merry band has fun at the games STARS 80, intoning the tubes to their colleagues in a product placement while delicacy ; demonstration of sloppy advertising, where everyone seems to laugh without worrying about the enormity with which they are participating.

21h36 : once again, the spirit awakens. It honors the name of Madness (which the poster tries, not without finesse, to reproduce the album art, and worship) and its One Step Beyond. 3 seconds of instant happiness in a whole messed up. Suffice to say that for once, the money is great, and the only one listening to the vinyl at home would have tenfold the impact.21h50 : tonight is the night where we are going to get there. Tonight, we’ll put all other things aside. I’m going to lose control and I think I like it. Because, in this free-fall at height scenario, a little going back of the Pointer Sisters would not be denied to bring back the excitement lost in the void of stupidity. Trance musical Sister Act is intended as fun, friendly without clearing the euphoria expected. Too bad, the exaltation will wait : it would have been difficult, at that moment, to imagine that two hours later, I déchaînerai on this same song in the empty space of my living room. Completely inhabited by the music, as Tom Cruise in nothing on a good old rock of solitude…

22h15 : and Then the joy leaves suddenly place to pity. Stars has-beens who, still today, try to breathe from the glory of the past to delay the fateful instant that is forgotten. Because under this apparent kindness, the stars die, take pleasure in the celebrity of nostalgia, always ready for their close-up battle in the grotesque to maintain that status destined to disappear.

22.30 : The thoughts are coming, and while the screen is projecting pieces of nothingness. Then comes the disappointment. The disappointment in a film dedicated to the indifference, pathetic right ? Because, I must admit to have felt a deep annoyance on learning that Bonnie Tyler was not going to ensure the grand finale of the show. All of this is to be replaced by a star so-called large-scale : Renaud, or the one who is ” always living “. At this price point, I would have still preferred to me enjailler on the Total Eclipse of the Heart

22: 40 : Pleased to learn that the bad taste would be absent from the final cut. However, the film is in its unity, the perfect representation of bad taste to the French. The aftertaste is bitter, and yet, it releases a appetite to force nostalgia : STARS 80, THE SEQUEL and his only solace, the urge to listen to some hits of the 80s. Visually, however, I stayed at the level of Gilbert Montagné

23 pm : My eyes are still suffering, but my ears still want to. Confidences for confidences, I haven’t liked. But with the incredible strength of the things, I fall asleep the spirit inhabited by these tubes without next day, and these titles that are good. Surely the effect of hangover provided by the plonk of the bottom of the closet.


Your opinion ?

Original title : Stars 80 La Suite

Production : Thomas Langmann

Scenario : Thomas Langmann

Main actors : Richard Anconina, Patrick Timsit, Bruno Lochet, Jean-Marc Généreux, Lio, Sabrina, Gilbert Montagné, Jean-Luc Lahaye

Release Date : December 6, 2017

Duration : 1h56min

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