Luring the summer of 1988, released in America on the first album, N. W. A, a young band from california : STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON, seen by all the specialists of the kind like the CD that launched the gangsta rap. 27 years later, a biopic eponymous spell on this group which has now become a name that is unavoidable in the history of hip-hop american. These young wolves, thirsting for glory would never have believed that so long after, this course was intended. In the last part of the film, Ice Cube is in him and he sees on tv spend one of his old clips, when he was still in N. W. A. “We still made a fucking sound !” he said, amused to see younger and measuring without doubt the journey undertaken since that time. This past comes up often in various dialogues between the characters in the film, who like to remember the time where everything was fine and that no flaws had not pointed the tip of his nose. This last part, revealing a kind of melancholy, made by the same occasion appear weariness. Default logic in seeing the counter a period quite a result of 2h27 !

The advantage of STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON, it is to be available to insiders to the hip-hop culture, as well as those having zero knowledge on the subject. The film takes the time at the beginning, introduce the 3 fundamental components of N. W. A : Dr. Dre, Eazy-E and Ice Cube. The process takes a few things : their name marked on the screen and 2-3 short scenes, but significant. Of course, lovers of the culture of hip-hop will be a pleasure to see these icons appear for the first time on the screen while the other will see them as fictional characters, such that they can be introduced in any film standard. The expected pleasure is the ray soundtrack, unsurprisingly. The appearance of the music is a delight for the ears, the opportunity to immerse yourself in the classic Rap West Coast. The energy present in the scenes of the concert blends in perfectly with the visceral energy of the sounds and F. Gary Gray retranscribes very well the enthusiasm of the public. But he refuses to take risks in his filmmaking, he can only submit to a utilitarian role. It captures the idea of the camera moving to capture the spirit animating our characters. Yes, ok, as one sees, very well… And after ? We remain on our hunger.

The scenario is not tender with the characters and the time, the rendition of facts is not watered down to paint the icons in the direction of the hair. There remains lack of a strong point of view by the camera, which is to stagnate the film at the level of the biopic to be effective, without the access to the higher rank. The biopic is a real year of cinema in which you will soon prefer to stick to the rails of the scenario to use as a single anchor point to a narrative and STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON is no exception to the rule. This criticism is to qualify, fortunately, by the quality of the script that target the vital points of the story. The cast is doing quite well, physically as in the interpretation. The best mention going to O’shea Jackson Jr , who has had the excellent idea of impersonating his father on the screen. “I don’t think I have been taken because I am the best actor in the world, but because no one knows Dad like me,” he said in an interview, and we want to support him in his performance which is very good, where one feels that can lodge in the deepest part of him, a hatred which promises to explode at any moment.

Talk about STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON, is to speak of the America of years 80, more specifically Compton. The film shows well, for a good hour, the pressure exerted by the forces of law and order within the more deprived areas and, in particular, on the black community. Identity checks have no other purpose than to belittle young people arrested, sprinkled with racist language that one does not even bother to conceal. This police entity that threatens to emerge at any time, becomes the bad guy of the film for our crew and, most importantly, helps you understand how they arrived to lay words as violent. The most striking result of these altercations to rehearsal will result in including the outrageous title “Fuck tha Police”, including a thrilling concert scene evokes the political scope. While the police threat the group if they dare to play it live, our lads will not submit and dare, under the eyes of the police, drowned in the public, playing the title with a rage demon. We are witnessing one of the most beautiful scenes of this biopic, but also a small piece of american History, when the intervention of the police, the fans rise up against them during a riot.

“A portrait of the group as much as a portrait of America. A film of intense, weakening however in the last third.”

The film is never as interesting as when the story of our rappers meets History, when the political context is interwoven with the musical creation. The pressure and interest will weaken in the last third because the scenario did more than the group as a single source story. At A time when our generation has witnessed the case of Ferguson (among other things), STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON finds a good echo in our time and fate in our rooms to the point. For example, the movie takes place shyly in the background with the case of “Rodney King” (a black man beaten viciously by 4 police officers who, at the end of a trial, have not been convicted). The most beautiful moment of the film occurs during a violent riot. Ice Cube drove a car in the middle of the clashes, in a scene dreamlike. It rolls in the opposite direction and sees before him an army of people standing up against police officers. Specifically, he was stunned that his music has never ceased to encourage. A passage crazy, the most brilliant shine film de F. Gary Gray, concluding on a plan, grabbing a headband of Crips tied with that of the Bloods. The last thrill of a film that, little by little, is lost in a process that was more moribund.

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Original title : Straight Outta Compton

Realization : F. Gary Gray

Screenplay : Andrea Berloff, Jonathan Herman, S. Leigh Savidg, Alan Wenkus

Main players : O’shea Jackson Jr., Corey Hawkins, Jason Mitchell, Paul Giamatti

Country of origin : U. S. A.

Released : September 16, 2015

Duration : 2h27min

Distributor : Universal Pictures International France

Synopsis : In 1987, five young men expressed their frustration and their anger in order to denounce the living conditions of the most dangerous place in America, with the most powerful weapon they had : their music. Here is the true history of these rebels, armed only with their word, their approach is assured, and their raw talent, who have stood up to the authorities who oppressed. Thus, they have formed the group of rapper from N. W. A., denouncing the reality of their neighborhood. Their voice has then triggered a social revolution that still resonates today.

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