Thedisappearance of two teenagers, the anguish of a family… there is An air of déjà vu… But never treated that way !

STRANGERLAND has been presented at the Festival of Sundance 2015, in the category World Cinema Dramatic Competition, and if he has not won a prize, I was literally glued!

What is especially innovative, it is the integral part, given by the nature and influence of this australian Outback on the lives, nerves and emotions of the protagonists: a hostile and inhospitable to one another, attracting, or even devouring the other. Because this disappearance is not only the starting point, but also the culmination of the history of this family, whose members gradually became strangers to each other.

The film shows very well the different ways in which each parent faces up to this event, their loneliness, and their inability to communicate on the essentials. But these two will never be the same, becoming aware of their share of responsibility: Nicole Kidman portrays a mother of restraint, and doubts, whose personal journey in the face of the unexplained absence of his children he will reveal his true nature and to discover the personality mysterious and his daughter…

The husband, played by Joseph Fiennes full of hardness, will become aware of the fatuity of the social representation, in which he maintained his family and change his gaze upon her.

STRANGERLAND also deals with the consequences of the intrusion necessary to police in the privacy of the characters, as well as own questions of the inspector in charge of the investigation on his life.And a spotlight is given to the inhabitants of the Outback and how they deal with their secrets.

“A reflection on the difficulty to truly know our loved ones and communicate with them, while remaining mindful of our own aspirations, needs and desires.”

The filmmaker Kim Farrant, present during the screening of the film, said to have brought more than ten years before being able to realise STRANGERLAND, his first feature film, and his previous documentary, focusing on the dance and the relationship to the body and nudity, it was inspired. STRANGERLAND is actually original in his approach to sensuality and sexuality, reminding some scenes of My sessions Control of the director Jacques Doillon. A small flat, music, anxiety-provoking as possible.

We looked forward to the release in France of this psychological drama, moving, and stirring, and whose end is, to say the least unexpected !




Original title : Strangerland

Achievement : Kim Farrant

Screenplay : Fiona Seres, Michael Kinirons

Main actors : Nicole Kidman, Joseph Fiennes, Hugo Weaving

Country of origin : Australia

Output USA : July 10, 2015

Duration : –

Distributor :

Synopsis : The mysterious disappearance of two teenagers in the australian outback.

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