[critical] The Amazing Spider-Man

Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) is a teenager fighting crime under the name Spider-Man after being bitten by a spider transgenic in the laboratory Oscorp. Chased by the authorities under the orders of captain Stacy (Denis Leary), the father of his girlfriend Gwen (Emma Stone), Peter tries to save New York from Doctor Connors (Rhys Ifans), the former partner of his father metamorphosed into a creature of reptile, The Lizard.

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Release Date : July 4, 2012

Directed by Marc Webb

Film american

With Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Rhys Ifans, Martin Sheen

Duration : 2h16min

Original title : The Amazing Spider-Man

Trailer :

Reboot the license Spider-Man film, The Amazing Spider-Man, we review the famous super-hero Marvel weaving its web in the dark halls under the direction of Marc Webb, the director, the name almost predestined that he is best known for the romantic comedy (500) Days Together and a few clips. The realization is honest, modern but without a big visual surprise despite a few good ideas such as the use of the subjective point of view during some of the breaks of the hero accentuating at times the sense of speed and vertigo in marrying discreet, but good enough with the 3D.

Furthermore, the scenario provides the director the ability to find the romantic scenes, both cute and funny, and through the relationship of the two main characters Peter Parker (alias Spider-Man) and Gwen Stacy. These scenes will nevertheless have a back-taste a bit silly, more worthy of the series teenage contemporary and may propose for example the CW in the United States, as of films to a wider audience. However, this was not of great importance in the set and it is still quite digestible.

The different actors of the benefits of good quality : Emma Stone is Gwen Stacy credible in pretty little daughter, intelligent, and brave, and Rhys Ifans is a mad scientist and tortured good-natured even though the registry is a little limited, Martin Sheen shines in the role of mentor for which we know the grievous fate in spite of its length to the lower screen and, finally, Andrew Garfield, we were able to see in The Social Network, and in Doctor Who, interprets a Peter Parker more endearing and less head slaps Tobey Maguire, who donned the role in the previous trilogy produced by Sam Raimi.

If, however, technically and scénaristiquement, this new Spider-Man fulfils quite well its role of blockbuster summer with a certain simplicity, the comparison with the recent version of Sam Raimi is inevitable and is not always to the advantage of the new version. The costume is very comic-book of previous films which were both in the game of actors and in a photography most light gave way to a strange mix, more visually dark, between violence in contemporary, technology developed and silliness teenager and sometimes clumsy. Similarly, if Andrew Garfield plays a Peter Parker less silly, and if the character of Gwen Stacy is less a trophy wife as Mary-Jane from the previous installment, we lose elements of the “fable” Spider-Man where the hero, for example, was much weaker in his normal life a teenager (it was far away from the adept of skateboarding depicted here !).

Blockbuster super-heroic honourable, The Amazing Spider-Man suffers from the too rapid construction of a reboot after the previous version, and a certain imbalance between their treatment and the crucial points of the scenario.

If, of course, it saves the credibility of this transposition in the years 2000, the legal entity constituting the BD, as enacted by the uncle of Peter, then, becomes a little offbeat and makes can even be Peter Parker much less heroic reason. If items have been skipped so happy for a replay modern myth (Peter does most of the catch the night before to understand the importance of their responsibilities, even if there is a reference to this in the film), others remain for the purposes of the scenario, but the offset is sometimes harmful. Similarly, some actions may not have consequences that are logical in the movie : invited to dinner at the parents of Gwen Stacy, Peter Parker, citing be passed through the emergency staircase arrives at them through the window of their daughter (20 floors) and this implies no real surprise…

In fact, upgrading to the “myth” Spider-Man, this reboot leaves, unfortunately, sometimes get inconsistencies between the rendering of the film, and the respect of some of the common places of incorporation of the character. This is all the more a pity that this new version is full also of good ideas (like the spider web in the sewers by the hero, the clever and visually interesting, a girlfriend who is not a stooge, or even the report’s choice of Peter to the absence of a father) and a better respect of the chronology of the comic-book with the introduction of Gwen and Captain Stacy before Mary Jane Watson appears on the radar.

Blockbuster super-heroic honourable, The Amazing Spider-Man suffers from the too rapid construction of a reboot after the previous version (including the latest installment has only 5 years of difference with this recovery) and a certain imbalance between their treatment and the crucial points of the scenario. We can blame the grind not to take over completely some of the story choices in spite of good ideas and a willingness quite visible.

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