Thelife is a succession of choices. You just bought an Android smartphone, after having hesitated with an iPhone. You had already had the dilemma of the apple when choosing between PC and Mac. Before the computer, the first electronic device was a games console. Again, he had to decide between pro-Nintendo and pro-Sega, fans of the plumber mustache leaping despising those of the hedgehog, nag and vice versa. Even earlier, at a time when the toys were still not video but “stupidly” in plastic, we had to decide between Lego and Playmobil. As is well known, everything to play for children, this choice may have been more serious consequences than you thought. Pity for you if you have left the bricks in denmark with infinite possibilities for being satisfied with the figures set in stone. If you preferred the ease of the creativity. You are heavily mistaken, that’s all. No doubt you have also chosen German 1st language… You can leave this page or realize that you’ve missed your life.

For the other, if you remember well, in the interest of Lego resided for a part (and not the most important) in the follow the instructions to accomplish the purpose that was in the photo on the box and then play with it. The other part, more rich, was to undo what had been built, to recover the bricks, if possible, mix it with other to be able to build another toy, more improbable, more messy but also more personal. The challenge of the film was to capture that spirit in a movie that is imposed on the script to the viewer. The same kind of risk when it comes to see how her favorite book had been betrayed on the big screen.

“You really have to be a Playmobil to not love !”

Unlike a lot of franchise movies that are available in a whole range of derivative products including toys (and sometimes Lego), here it is the film which is the byproduct of a toy. Over the years, the firm Lego has signed agreements to make toys based on the success of the film. Today the production of a feature film has been launched, it can bring it all and we offer the cast the most unlikely of all time! The Avengers and other Expendables can go get dressed with their posters of misery. In what other film can you see discuss Gandalf with a Ninja Turtle, Batman jump in the Millenium Falcon or Wonder Woman to cohabit with Shaquille O’neal and the Simpsons?

On the technical side, a successful blend of stop-motion animation frame-by-frame of physical objects, in the case of toys Lego already existing (15 million bricks were used during the filming!) and images of synthesis, to give depth to the scenery or animate the faces. So, we can see the effects of the smaller scale (of the water represented by bricks displaced to simulate the movement, to the image of a Gondry that uses of cellophane for the water flowing out of a faucet) and other state-of-the technique, the effect accentuated by the 3D.

The story makes us follow the daily dreary of a Lego character basic, with no personality, who loves the songs passed on the radio, the soaps that he sees on tv, and crosses still in the nails and always follows the instructions. Any resemblance to sheep to humans is obviously not coincidental. In the course of his adventures, his encounters will encourage them to empower themselves and to liberate their creativity to exceed the simple condition of a piece of plastic.

It is fascinating, as what was happening in our head when we played with legos: one passes from the city to the world of the pirates, then to one of the knights or all of the franchises mentioned above, we transformed a motorcycle in a space ship with the pieces that are lying around nearby. In this sense, the film is a true catalog, but the pace and humor that is irreverent (Gandalf confused with Dumbledore, Batman who has trouble with his powers…) does not leave the impression of being in front of a pub of 1h40, but rather looking at an ode to creativity. And it works: after the screening, we want to bring out his old Lego’s (especially the astronaut from the 80’s, a ship spatiaaaaaaaal !!!). In short, you really have to be a Playmobil to not love !

Original title : The Lego Movie

Achievement : Phil Lord, Chris Miller

Screenplay : Phil Lord, Chris Miller, Dan Hageman, Kevin Hageman

Main actors : Chris Pratt, Will Ferrell, Elizabeth Banks

Country of origin : USA, Australia

Output : 19 February 2014

Duration : 1 hour 40 minutes

Distributor : Warner Bros. France

Synopsis : Emmet is a small figure of the banal and conventional as are taken by mistake for an extraordinary being, able to save the world. He finds himself led to, among other things, a journey of more eventful, with the aim of placing it out of harm a fearsome despot.

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