Thehas North Korea tried but failed. Yes, after a month of “Sony Gate” and various incidents (which you can find a very good summary on our website), THE INTERVIEW is released in theaters in u.s. on December 25. The park of 300 rooms is much lower than the 3000 initially planned, but regardless, the essence is there : Sony has not caved in. The gesture is strong, the pressure was even more. It is when talking about cyber-attacks and threats of attacks, arguments of weight which would be enough to discourage more than one distributor. In the space of a month, one would have thought to dive in the middle of a thriller with Michael Mann. It is an understatement to say that we have fantasized the movie with all of this. While at the base, it’s useless to lie, this was an exit at which we were going to be attentive without evidence of an impatience with excessive. All of a sudden the aura of the project is greatly increased, we all became a defender of the freedom of expression. It was no longer question of the hypothetical quality of the footage. The craze collective within the community, geeks is reflected on IMDB, where the film has reached the overall score of 9.9/10 on the eve of its theatrical release. With such a note, he became, in the space of a few time, the status of best film of all time. Nothing less. THE INTERVIEW was so much more than a film, it became a sacred object for the name, which is often hackneyed phrase of ” cult film”. There are like that, in the history of cinema, films in which the design or a simple anecdote out of the ordinary has just upset the way they will be perceived by the public. And we know that lovers of pop-culture delight in these case.

At the bottom, Seth Rogen, James Franco , and Evan Goldberg (producer of This is the End) can thank North Korea. Without this whole story, the movie would have surely made his little noise in the first few weeks of its release before being stored away nicely in the category of american comedies are cool. This process would have been beneficial to the film at the time of deliver a verdict on his case. It’s Impossible to deny that with all this hype, the requirement is considerably geared down. Yes, THE INTERVIEW is a disappointment. Rogen and his gang deliver a film egocentric, in the form of a private joke where they grant their fantasies of moviegoers. This company began with Delirium Express to extend with This is the End last year and THE INTERVIEW today. Little by little, this band of lunatics is in the process of forming a work amount intended to satisfy their delusions of geeks. As if The Big Bang Theory had mutated into movies whose budgets are more substantial. Works aimed at a certain community (the geeks, for those who don’t follow) and based on a blend of delusions. Then to hell with the constraints scriptwriting and the writing of the characters. The gap between these films and those ofEdgar Wright (The Last Pub before the end of the world) is located on this point. Because the director/screenwriter in the uk has understood that the quality of the writing was an essential component, even when its target audience is not necessarily the very large audience. From there what is left ? You can’t blame the humor con-con and bold if you know a bit about the style of the house. By contrast, the relative wisdom of the whole will have anything to leave us on our hunger. Nothing sour or polemic on the menu. Is that it ? The formula is easy and yet so justified.

THE INTERVIEW can thank North Korea. Without the Sony-Gate, the film would surely have finished ranked in the category of american comedies sympathetic”

THE INTERVIEW is nothing more than a big joke harmless on the part of thirty year olds still teenagers mentally. They are not trying to criticize the figure of the tyrannical Kim Jong One, and to make a film about biting. They prefer to have some fun with this figure by making him do anything like children with their new model. The point most pleasant in all this remains the freedom of tones. Digressions galore, James Franco show ubiquitous, jokes clumsy, transition from one gender to the other. This freedom goes beyond the framework of purely cinematic when Sony decides not to give out the film, or when the duo of Rogen/Franco mocks the censorship by revealing, in a show quite funny, (fake) pictures of their intimacy. Seth Rogen, James Franco and Evan Goldberg will certainly be happy, everything is in place for THE INTERVIEW leaves an indelible mark in the folklore of the pop-culture to which they belong. We do not doubt for one second that these funny have already discussed, around dozens of beers and a joint in the mouth, their next prank. In a few years, when it will be necessary to evoke the film in retrospect, he will not even need to have seen it to talk about it. It will suffice simply to know the history that preceded its release. And this is probably what might happen to him better.





Original title : The Interview

Achievement : Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg

Screenplay : Dan Sterling, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg

Main actors : James Franco, Seth Rogen, Lizzy Caplan

Country of origin : U. S. A.

Released : January 28, 2015

Duration : 1h52min

Distributor : Sony Pictures Releasing France

Synopsis : A host of a talk show and his producer find themselves involved in a plot murderer at the international level.


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