[critical] The Killer Inside Me

Lou has a bunch of problems. Problems with women. Problems with the law. Too many murders begin to accumulate in the jurisdiction of his small Texas town. And most importantly, Lou is a killer, sadist and psychopath. When suspicions begin to weigh on him, he is left with not a lot of time before being outed…

Author’s Note


Release Date : August 11, 2010

Directed by Michael Winterbottom

Film american

With Casey Affleck, Jessica Alba, Kate Hudson

Duration : 2h00min

Trailer :

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Eros and Thanatos have always fait good housekeeping in literature and film. Sade, Musset, Oshima, Verhoeven among many other investigators, have put the magnifying glass on the disturbing report between sexuality and morbidity.

The kiss to the bite, to caress the slap, the hug at the stampede, there would be a not unmistakable. The erotic impulses jailliraient from the same source as drives the funeral. The orgasm is not designated as the little death ?

With The Killer Inside Me, director Michael Winterbottom shows how much a sexuality bad swing can lead to a man on the slippery ground of the slaughter. Born to parents who were sado-masochistic, the young Lou Ford confuses violence and physical passion.

Become an apprentice sheriff, he manages to suppress his penchant for brawls sentimental, until the day he made the acquaintance of Joyce, a prostitute annoying. The instincts of Lou, is going to have it as ever…

The Killer Inside Me is a thriller-linear, fatal, predictable. Despite this – thanks to it – the nervous tension and unease as it spreads, are all the more felt. We see coming to blows, we anticipate the evil, one retains the breath. All the art of the maneuver for Winterbottom is never to loosen our stiff.

Casey Affleck is there to ensure that we remain under the influence of its extraordinary power to do evil on a screen. The film owes him a lot. Poor Jessica Alba and Kate Hudson are the costs of this fury sardonically that the comedian’s flagship revêtd’a calm and impassive monks. Lou Ford is said to gentleman. The contrast between the awful natures of the character and her serenity can only fly to the standard of dancing of country music and the famous romance for tenor of Donizzetti.

Affleck has quite the mastery of this powerful instability. It is not less than Edward Norton and Daniel Day-Lewis, risks-all of which roles the most disturbing do not resist. He enters the family of the best actors of this century easily.

Note, however, that from film to film, Don Juan DeMarco is the more necessary to our society than The Killer Inside Me. The society in which the reconciliation of sex and death obnubile more of a spirit. Note that the starting premise is the same for both movies : a boy musty, fascinated by the woman and not considering the world only through his own long-view, which seeks to give body to the margins of his fantasies.

In one case, this vow leads to of bloody relationships, and in the other to Nirvana. Don Juan celebrates the sex, which does not prevent him to make a trip to the insane asylum ! But, on the whole, is it more positive to trivialize Eros, to destroy or return him his heat ? The eroticism afflicted should give up ground. It is everywhere. Millenium, Millenium, Millenium. Bacchus, come back !

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