[critical] The Loved Ones

Lola, the girl, the more shy of the high school, offers to Brent to accompany him to the prom. As he had planned to go with Holly, his girlfriend, he declined politely the invitation. But Lola does not like to be told no…

Author’s Note


Release Date : unknown

Directed by Sean Byrne

Film australian

With Xavier Samuel, Robin McLeavy, Jessica McNamee

Duration : 1h24min

Original title : The Loved Ones

Trailer :

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Thanks to The Loved Ones, Sean Byrne presents itself as a young and talented filmmaker. This first feature-length film is a true slap in the face to the viewer. The staging is just brilliant. Sean Byrne was able to find the perfect balance between the view and the suggestion. It will satisfy so fans of the gore genre, with the help of a few sequences remarkable of torture and assault. But it never falls into one-upmanship : with intelligence, it leaves it to the imagination of the viewer submerge deep fears.

In addition, the cries of suffering and agony of Brent (played by Xavier Samuel) have been captured. This is the sound of pain is in the image of the bestiality of a man dehumanized, a reflection of abuse many. How not to sink in the face of such a spectacle ? The fear was such that a spectator caused a discomfort in his projection room. The cries of the spectator, mingled with horror to the film. Coincidence or stroke of terror ?

Torture is not free : it is the cause of madness is described with mastery. A family alienated and alienating the framework, the decorations and the set of actors to translate precisely. Even before the worst begins, the implementation of some of these elements foreshadowed the worst. The madness is invasive and leaves little hope in this universe.

The developer demonstrated an imagination without limits that pace this poignant film. The nervousness enters the stomachs of each and causes the laughter of the audience. But do not be fooled by appearances. This laughter allows us to reassure us by reminding us that we are in a room safe. Yet it is difficult to escape : The Loved Ones brings us back regularly to him. This is why the revenge of Brent is deliciously orgasmic. It is in the ridiculous and assumed that the film ends with some of its characters. The viewer comes out of it safe and sound… but in the end, we redemanderait almost.

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