[critical] The Night Of the Living Dead (VOST)

Each year, Barbara and Johnny are going to flower the grave of their father. The road is long, the surroundings of the cemetery deserts. They are not inclined to pray, Johnny recalls a time when he was a child and where he enjoyed scaring her sister by repeating in a low voice : “They’re coming to get you, Barbara.”

The night falls. Suddenly, a strange man appears. He approaches Barbara and then attack Johnny, who falls and is left for dead. Terrified, Barbara runs off and takes refuge in a country house. She finds Ben, as well as other fugitives. The radio tells them then the terrible news : from the dead to attack the living.

Release Date : 21 January 1970

Directed by George A. Romero

Film american

With Duane Jones, Judith O’dea, Karl Hardman

Duration : 1h 36min

Original title : The Night of the Living Dead

Today, always in association with MrDomainePublic, the Blog Of The Film offers you to (re)discover the cult film of George A. Romero, Night Of the Living Dead

As a bonus, here are a few stories around this legendary film :

The Night Of the Living Dead, for the resonance of its social criticism and racial, was considered to be a film more likely to political terror. The film was followed by two sequels, always carried out by Romero : Zombie (1978) and Day Of the Living Dead (1985).

George A. Romero and friends of the university have always had the desire to carry a feature film. Unfortunately, the approaches to financial proved to be catastrophic. It is as well that they decide to establish their own production company : Image Ten, the funding by their own means. Each shareholder undertakes to report $ 600 to the company. The capital obtained will then be a five-fold increase in being sold cheap to a third party.

When George A. Romero wrote the screenplay for The Night Of the Living Dead, the director is said to be inspired by I Am Legend, the famous novel by Richard Matheson. The book tells the story of the sole survivor on Earth of a terrible pandemic, turning humans into vampires.

Shot for the shoe-string budget of 114 000$, The Night of the living dead pays more than $ 5 million. The film remains one of independent film’s most cost-effective ever produced.

Have A Good Time !

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