[critical] THE STRANGER

Nnew master stroke for Orson Welles, although it is also, a very small step back…

Because Welles gave here the portrait of human scale, for registering tragically in their time, the innovations in terms of staging, the psychology thrust. THE STRANGER is a pure thriller, built around the identity of its titular character.

“A thriller pure juice, which fits logically into the filmography of Orson Welles !”

It is also this famous STRANGER, played by Orson Welles himself, who has marked me the most. It is precisely in his role, his interpretation, and his choice of casting that are, according to me, a large part of the success of the film. This is not just a question of the scenario, but also of perception of the issues of this story : Orson Welles, 30 years old, has already shown his genius by making two of the film’s most brilliant in the history of Cinema (even in retrospect). Still, it takes a considerable risk with this third film, playing consciously with his own image of perfection. Far from being a detail, it shapes in spite of us, in the first part of the film, our vision of the character of the Pr. Rankin… is A simple idea, but one that is associated with the famous management of the information delivered to the viewer, the same as in Citizen Kane, composed a plot in concrete and a outstanding unwavering. It is once again phenomenal, if like me, you have known nothing in advance of the scenario; this is also why I prefer to use in this review, the original title , THE STRANGER; I find too explicit in the French title.

It is also to be noted, the willingness to talk about difficult and painful, although it is ultimately a tool to story.

However, the staging is more of a classic, outside of a final at the intensity insane, or this use always also psychological and evocative lighting (especially in the end of the film); the same goes for the direction of actors, a lot of one-way, or even binary for Welles.

THE STRANGER remains, despite everything, one of these great films to mark the imaginary, and fits logically within the filmography ofOrson Welles !

This film has been reviewed in the context of a retrospective of Orson Welles, by theLumière Institute, June 4, to July 12, 2015 !

The film will be screened on Thursday 25/06 at 17h, Friday 26/06 17h – Saturday 27/06 at 16: 30 and Tuesday 30/06 to 19h


Original title : The Stranger

Production : Orson Welles

Screenplay : Victor Trivas, Decla Dunning, Anthony Vigil, Orson Welles, John Huston

Main actors : Orson Welles, Edward G. Robinson, Loretta Young

Country of origin : U. S. A.

Released : April 7, 1948

Duration : 1h35min

Distributor : Splendor Films

Synopsis : A man follows another, up to fail in a small town in the heart of the United States… They meet “alien”…

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