Wedding’s gaze is distant and empathetic on a clash of cultures (pakistani in particular) and the paradox of religions.

Zahira (Lina El Arabi) has beautiful live in Belgium and be a girl of her time, her fate is sealed and it will not have its word to say. The director Stephan Streker is inspired by a fait divers, and has recreated the journey and the doubts of Zahra in MARRIAGE. It captured the clash of cultures, misunderstanding and legitimate attempts of the friends of the girl to fix things. The respect of the traditions, appearances to save vis-à-vis the community (and more in Pakistan), the shame and the dishonor to the family will be so many pieces to the puzzle that will assemble to the inexorable… the WEDDING has been very much in evidence with the paradox of religion in the face of certain situations.

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Yet the director, who considers that a film is an act of communication, finds the facts without denouncing them, as he refused to take sides. He always puts in the balance the pros and cons and encourages the spectator to understand, to empathize for each character, to excuse almost. Thus, we feel close to both of the brother of Zahra, Amir (Sebastian Houbani), of his father or of his mother.

This is fairly unpleasant, this is the position in which the filmmaker places the viewer. In fact, it leaves him disconcerted and angry at an injustice in which she explains that she is not ready to change. To the extent that traditions adapt to technology and organize weddings on the Internet (only time tragi-comic film). But neither the faithful friend of Zahira, Aurore (Alice de Lencquesaing), nor the father (played by Olivier Gourmet), will not be heard because to this family.

Inaccessible to reasoning of the west of the twenty-first century,” A Pakistani, it wife always a Pakistani, it is like that ! the WEDDING we still desperately on the stomach.


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Original title : the Wedding

Realisation : Stephan Streker

Screenplay : Stephan Streker

Main actors : Lina El Arabi, Sebastein Houbani, Barak Karimi

Release Date : February 22, 2017

Duration : 1h38min
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