[CRITICAL] This IS a wonderful LIFE WHEN you THINK about IT

For his latest film, It’S a wonderful LIFE WHEN you THINK about IT, Gérard Jugnot confirms that to a valiant heart nothing is impossible!

The title of the last film, Gérard Jugnot, It IS a wonderful LIFE WHEN you THINK about IT, is a reference to the song Sebolavy of Mickey 3D, the generic. Behind this title a bit long to cache a movie moving and tender. Moving by its subject, the transplantation of organs, and tender by the relationship that develops between two men : Hugo (refreshing François Deblock) the receiver and Loïc (sympathetic Gérard Jugnot), the father of the donor. How not to make the connection with the recent Repair to the living of Katell Quillévéré, which stops where begins It’S a wonderful LIFE WHEN you THINK about IT ? The director, who we met in Bordeaux, denies having made a film about the grieving process, even if two scenes are poignant are literally tears in the eyes. He prefers to speak of a renaissance, and “is réparer between the living“. Its purpose is primarily that of a “comedy of emotion and humor that leaves the shadow and goes towards the sun“. It is also one of its coscénaristes Roman Protal (Adopts a widower) who has enabled him to enlighten his first version, too much black and plombante.

Loïc is a former racing driver who has had to put a brake to his career, and the race car is symbolically at the centre of It’S a wonderful LIFE WHEN you THINK about IT. Suddenly, the film offers the viewer many changes of speed and rhythm – and digressions that interfere somewhat with the overall consistency. Starting on the hats of wheels, the film confronts skillfully, the viewer empathetic to the reality of the grief of Loïc. He describes in full flutter, to the point of death, to learn to live with this absence. Loïc sinks into depression and alcohol, and what saves him is that spark, that vital need which impels him to transgress the law, to know the name of the recipient of the heart of his son.

The encounter with Hugo is rather explosive and epidermal. François Deblock said that ” the history between the two is that of a court, since the theme is one of rejection and compatibility “. Hugo is young and discover the world, try things that his life awaiting transplantation has never allowed. But they have more in common than the heart of the son of Loïc: they are both side of the plate, outside of time, unable to measure their sliders reactive and emotional. Such two souls drift, they will get to know each other, clinging one to the other and hang on to life. And this part is very nicely shown by the metaphor of the repair of the car and the transplant, such as a heart, the new engine in the cabin.

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Then Gérard Jugnot, who loves nothing as long as that”offer “burlesque”, in safety valve, to the public, taut with emotion,” ensures its cruising speed. He followed it up with plenty of gags in the dialogue, the staging, and jokes recurring on the hearing aids and the Britain, which the director assured them that they were not sponsors of the film. The thread of this unique meeting is lost in the meanders of sentimental of the two heroes. The young Hugo falls in love with a beautiful breton (Gaia Weiss), view in The, Profs 2) and its projects, his look and his priorities are shifting. Love also saves Loïc, but not now! Lisa (Isabelle Mergault) demonstrated patience, or even blindness to this man’s boorish and frustrated who rejects it constantly, and continues to do his shopping and his household… vision a little archaic of the proof of love for which the director cannot be commended! There is also the villain Sanchez, the director of the automotive dealership, which we do not understand well the reasons of his hatred. The film finally returns to the top speed and shows that the plot has more under the hood. It puts at the centre the evolution of the relationship the subsidiary by the proxy, which makes Loïc jealous of the time that is no longer granted, a bit like when a young person leaving his parents to make his life elsewhere.

It IS a wonderful LIFE WHEN you THINK about IT is a feel good movie par excellence. Because if it leaves the observer with a bitter taste linked to the nostalgia of the lost time which only makes it up more, it revived him, also with the hope that dreams can be reborn and that the heart can open again to life, with confidence.


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[CRITICAL] This IS a wonderful LIFE WHEN you THINK about IT
Original title : It’s a wonderful life when you think about it

Production : Gérard Jugnot

Scenario : Gérard Jugnot, Romain Protat, Guy Laurent

Main actors : Gérard Jugnot, François Deblock, Isabelle Mergault, Gaia Weiss

Release Date :12 April 2017

Duration : 1h35min
3.0final Note
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