The year film of Stephen King continues blithely with the sensational arrival of this new adaptation of the evil clown is launched on the trail of a band of young people. With arguments, returns ultra-positive, and a u.s. box office exploded. Success justified ?

After you have successfully linked rather neatly the emotion and fright with the friendly Mamá, the argentine Andrés Muschietti (who americanized the surname becoming Andy) found himself in familiar territory when he was called up to replace Cary Fukunaga at the realization of IT. It must be said that the story imagined by Stephen King in 1986, had all of the ideal material for him, putting a group of young people aged 13 years of grappling with an evil entity that feeds on the fear of each individual, which carries with it a variety of victims every 27 years in the sewers. Taking the most often in the form of a clown interpreted with happiness by Bill Skarsgard, it can be well other to terrorize its targets.

We are not, therefore not in front of the classic boogeyman-proof tyres of the years 80-90, launched by John Carpenter and his Halloween, as much as it would seem that there are that children and adolescents can see. It is precisely this that had interested Stephen King, which was justified to suffer these misfortunes to the characters at an age transitional, where they can no longer believe in santa Claus but still the monsters, while being able to physically defend themselves. These young people come to life here thanks to a casting brand new, where we will note only the presence of Finn Wolfhard, one of the kids in the series Stranger Things , and Owen Teague that was discovered in Bloodline, for which are well-known faces.This bunch of kids engaging straight out of the productions Amblin 80s will accommodate a female figure fragile in the person of Beverly and the poor Ben tormented by evil classmates. The opportunity for Muschietti to explore a little more of the important themes of the book and quite a few developed in the television movie of 1993 : to know how to find his place, the transition to adulthood and the birth of sexuality among teens in particular. This part borrows a lot to “Stand By Me” from the same Stephen King and adapted by Rob Reiner at the cinema and we are delighted by the energy and humour of the characters. There is also the pleasure to find yourself in the middle of the school bags and bicycles of this residential suburb 1980 american.

IT is also sold as a horror movie. The mixing of genres, peculiar, weakens, unfortunately, quite considerably this last part, however, interwoven with the different twists and turns with dexterity. Because in spite of a prologue is chilling, and unless you are really allergic to clowns, the film may disappoint on this point. For staging the terror, Andy Muschietti is, unfortunately, not James Wan , and it won’t shake as much dread as had been the case before the two Conjuring. Some of the special effects and faces of horror can lead us out of the film by drawing on the fun at the expense of dread in sequence that wanted to be serious, and sometimes become annoying. Because of a use of the digital questionable where a very good make-up would have produced a different rendering. The Pennywise version of 2017 is also shows quite a few ferocious with its prey, in the light of all of the situations that he had to worsen his carnage.

Pretty classic so the stage will fall back to the sound and a few jumpscares, fortunately quite rare, to make you jump. Therefore, you should not expect anything other than what the film is, namely a version of the Goonies boarded a ghost train, also quite generous in terms of spectacle and tempo in spite of its 2: 15am.Confront Pennywise and his own fears will allow, in reality, to put an end to the evil being lurking within these young people, suffering from loneliness and rejection for some or what to expect at home after a school day for others. The message is passed, the end justifies the means, together we are stronger and the entertainment is of a certain quality, although wise enough finally. Not as terrifying, creepy and foutraque that we would have hoped if a Cary Fukunaga had remained at the controls (the director of season 1 of True Detective). Especially in the light of the darkness sometimes extreme of the text of King. But well enough packed to fill the dark rooms at the end of September.

Loris Colecchia

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Original title : It

Achievement : Andy Muschietti

Screenplay : Cary Fukunaga, Chase Palmer, Gary Dauberman

Main actors : Bill Skarsgard, ‘jaeden Lieberher, Finn Wolfhard, Sophia Lillis, Jack Dylan Grazer

Release Date : 20 September 2017

Duration : 2h15min

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