[critical] Tron – Legacy

Sam Flynn, 27 years old, is the son technology expert Kevin Flynn. Seeking to unravel the mystery of the disappearance of his father, he finds himself sucked into the world of programs to be formidable and lethal games where saw his father for the past 25 years. With the loyal confidante of Kevin, father and son embark on a journey where death lurks, through a cyber universe stunning visually, become more technologically advanced and more dangerous than ever…

Author’s Note


Release Date : February 9, 2011

Directed by Joseph Kosinski

Film american

With Jeff Bridges, Olivia Wilde, Garrett Hedlund, Bruce Boxleitner, Michael Sheen

Duration : 2h06min

Original title : Tron Legacy

Trailer :

Following the film from 1982 of the same name that had a true “oven”, surprisingly for a production of Disney, Tron – Legacy enjoyed an aura of “geekitude” quite pleasant, and the first images were seductive. Once in front of the film, I have to admit that the magic is less well worked out than I expected. Of course, the world of The Grid is a very well made and the 3D works well in this context but from the first scene to the motorcycle is rhythmic as it should be, it quickly begins to hurt the eyes with these dark surroundings, and these illuminations neon everywhere. We also acknowledge the technical performance of the rejuvenation of Jeff Bridges, but that loses its flavour a bit of a game of it in the role of Clu.

The casting is correct, but done in a minimalist, both in quantity and quality of the game. Jeff Bridges and Bruce Boxleitner return to their roles of the time, 20 years later, and unknown Garrett Hedlund has just taken a first role of a young hothead pretty bland in fact. Olivia Wilde (Number Thirteen in House md) complete the table with a performance that is honourable, even if still a little restrained to play his plastic and false innocence… Level scenario, the plot is quite predictable end-to-end and plunders them gleefully in many films SF of recent years such as the Matrix, or prequels of Star Wars. That said, as these were sometimes themselves in the film Tron original, we can say that the loop is closed.

In fact, Tron – Legacy is not a bad film, but a film as disappointing as oversold. The fiber geek is very well captures, but too little innovation mixed up in a scenario relatively basic, makes the whole bit tasty, a bit like a dish that one eats the more one enjoys it. Special Mention however to the music of Daft Punk, quite remarkable and well integrated into the film, with the exception of one sequence (the one with the Beaver – the worst in my opinion).

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