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After you have followed the daily life of a family in prehistoric crazy and faced with the end of the world in THE CROODS, Dreamworks studios invite us this time to discover the daily life of Theo aka TURBO, a snail enthusiast of motor racing. Unfortunately, his condition of mollusk compels you to mull over with its similar to tomatoes, a vegetable garden, nothing very exciting for this little being thirsty for speed and thrills.

Accustomed to observe racing cars, he never expected surely not to be snapped up by one of them, left to absorb a dose of nitroglycerin ! But this strange occurrence has turned into snail supersonic, eliminating its status as a simple snail to go taunt all those who have hit the asphalt before him by showing them his new blazing speed !

It will serve also to save his brother Chet, who is kidnapped by crows, which will take you into the heart of a small shopping center run down, where they will meet Tito, seller of tacos and organizer of races snails in his spare time. This last as a Turbo, driven by a desire for recognition and success will convince him to run the Indianapolis 500, motor racing normally reserved for humans. An idea that is not really the taste of Chet and Angelo’s brother Tito, who in the absence of being really pessimistic attempt at best to be realistic, insisting on the fact that all the dreams may not be realized and that it is sometimes better to settle for what the a. A parallel fraternal human/snail to be very interesting and well-conducted.

Staging perennial avalanche of gags, catchy music and emotion, TURBO delivers serious doses of adrenal to offer in 3D.

In spite of everything, the message conveyed by Turbo is that it is necessary to believe in your dreams, no matter what people will say to stop your approach, your will and your determination will take over. Despite this morality agreed upon, and its storyline is predictable, the TURBO is never unpleasant first through his characters colorful, endearing, and shifted devastatingly dubbed by a cast amazing : Ryan Reynolds (THE CROODS), Paul Giamatti (PARKLAND), Michael Pena (GANGSTER SQUAD), Maya Rudolph (bridesmaids), Michelle Rodriguez (FAST AND FURIOUS 6), Samuel L. Jackson (DJANGO UNCHAINED), Ken Jeong (VERY BAD TRIP), or even the rapper Snoop Dogg ! We are allowed to practice with pleasure in their adventures funniest one after the other, where they manage to seduce us more beautiful thanks to a humorous pest.

The pace of the film is equal to the determination and the Turbo speed, that is to say frantic and intense. Has the omnipresence of humour adds shopping scenes really nerve where the one feels the full sensation of speed. Immersion enhanced by the beautiful effects in the scene, feeling almost of video game. And to boost the all of us have the right to a soundtrack of hip-hop’s most pleasant (Snoop Dogg, Run-DMC, Pharell Williams, etc.) but also to the Rocky theme, “The Eye of The Tiger” of Survivor, a anthem absolute of self-transcendence !

Staging perennial avalanche of gags, catchy music and emotion, TURBO delivers serious doses of adrenal to offer in 3D. It emerges with the pleasant sensation of having attended a mix between CARS and FAST & FURIOUS. We could talk about RUSH, referring to the clash between the two riders major opposite, good here it is a franco-quebecois self-centered against a …snail. But it counts anyway !



Turbo is a snail who has only one dream in mind : to be incredibly fast ! His obsession for speed made him somewhat unpopular with his family, where slowness and caution are required. But it is out of the question for him to comply. It was then that a strange occurrence that suddenly gives the power to forge ahead at full speed. He embarks in an adventure to fulfill his incredible destiny : to race against the greatest car racing champion, Guy Gagne. With the help of a team of snails as cunning as stylish, the ultimate outsider, Turbo will all his heart – and his shell, to prove that no dream is too big, no dreamer is too small.

Original title : Turbo

Achievement : David Soren

Scenario : Darren Lemke, David Soren

With voices in the original : Ryan Reynolds, Paul Giamatti, Michael Peña, Snoop Dogg

Country of origin : United States

Output : October 16, 2013

Duration : 1h36

Distributor : 20th Century Fox France

Trailer :

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