[critical] Turtles Swim Faster Than you think

Suzume is a housewife who is bored and leads a life made up of social obligations. Her husband transferred for his job in another city, leave Suzume alone a lot. His sole occupation “important” lies in the mere fact of feeding the “beloved” turtle of her husband. Suzume is tired of this life. One day she reads an ad in the newspaper : “Search Spy”. Excited by curiosity, Suzume encounters a couple of spies “professional” mr and Mrs Kugitani, which engages Suzume for its ordinary and passe-partout. For her first investigation, she must create a “cover” of a housewife and insignificant… But certain circumstances are going to upset the situation, and Suzume is going to pass from anonymity to the fame, the abuse of his action plan…

Author’s Note


Release Date : July 2, 2007 (Japan)

Directed by Satoshi Miki

Film japanese

With Juri Ueno, Yu Aoi, Ryo Iwamatsu, Eri Fuse

Duration : 1h30min

Trailer :

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As you might expect, it is very difficult to talk about a film with a name like that. Some will think of An Elephant Ca Trompe a Lot, French movie, the title also animal but it is more on the side d’Amélie Poulain that he must be looking for the warm colors, the crazy characters in a world that is not so common. Of course, if you want to be more precise and to leave the sphere of the French cinema, we talk of the crazy and The Taste Of Tea. In fact, turtles swim faster than we think, like the film by Katsuhito Ishii, is about the life of the everyday, of the ordinary seen through characters outside the norm.

The heroine Suzume with her costume of housewife is ready to become a woman without a story for the rest of his life. His daily life is as empty as that of the turtle as it feeds. But luckily for her, its unique quality not to be that are going to upset its habits and propel you into the world of espionage. The point of transition between these two lives is an announcement of the size of a postage stamp pasted at the foot of a railing in the middle of a staircase. Don’t worry, an avalanche of apples in these stairs forced Mme Toutlemonde to lie to protect themselves and thus discover the hanger.

Events similar sense of humor is very japanese, strung together for an hour and a half with characters that are colorful (in every sense of the term). You will discover a couple of spy wanting to act constantly like normal people that you forget as soon as they leave our field of vision. A cook ramen poor who reins in his talents and a seller of Tofu specialist in the use of firearms accompany the couple into the world of a secret agent.

In the course of the story, Suzume, who lives a life completely normal in spite of the spies, a plumber in need of affection, and a hairdresser-dancer, lets us see his father, but especially her childhood friend. This friend Kujaku has always been a cut above Suzume. Kujaku was the best castles of sand, were stickers more cool on his bag and was registered with the club to catch the high school while Suzume planted flowers at the club for horticulture. Each intervention Kujaku is in the image of his clothes, a big anything.

The film would not hold if it was not supported by good main actors. One retains especially Juri Ueno, as we can see in Josee, The Tiger And The Fish (still a weird name), Rainbow Song , or the TV series Nodame Cantabile. She assumes the role of Suzume, and thus falls perfectly into the apron of the ordinary. The other star of the film is the actress in the role of Kajaku, Yû Aoi , that one can see everywhere in the japanese cinema.

Turtles swim faster than expected (Kame wa igai to hayaku oyogu by VO) is a movie with a housewife, a turtle, spies, catch, and a lot of humor. A real manual to refer his daily, monotonous reads without problem.

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