[critical] Ultimate Game

In the near future, the new technologies have changed the video game. The principle created for the game “The Sims” is applied to human beings who are manipulated by players online. Billionaire Ken Castle has created the ultimate entertainment : “Slayers”, a video game in which death row inmates, guided remotely by online players, kill each other in fights to be broadcast on the screens around the world.

If they survive to 30 trials, they will regain their freedom.

Kable, controlled by Simon, a teenage fan of virtual realities is today the star of the game. But Kable does not belong : torn from his family, imprisoned and forced to fight against his will, this gladiator of modern times has to survive long enough to escape the game and regain his freedom…

Author’s Note


Release Date : 09 September 2009

Directed by Mark Neveldine, Brian Taylor

Film american

With Gerard Butler, Michael C. Hall, Zoe Bell

Duration : 1h 36min

Trailer :

Ultimate Game – Bande-annonce VF

sent by baryla. – Short film, documentary and trailer.

When we go see a movie like the Ultimate Game to the cinema, we know what to expect : an action movie over-doped to testosterone due to the presence of regulatory actors all the more bodybuilder than the others, a feature-length film that you shouldn’t ask for more than screams, of the dead and the sweat in you want in here.

The film mad Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, that it was able to discover in Hyper Tension and its sequel, is no exception to this rule, evidenced by the opening scene of breathtaking, which leads us into a field of battle where the explosions are coming, and the bodies explode everywhere, splashing the camera of hemoglobin, which is reminiscent in certain aspects the opening scene of anthology of Saving private Ryan.

No surprise therefore in the form of Ultimate Game since the sequence of the film follows the same pattern : action, action, always action sprinkled here and there with a piece of music, certainly Hard Rock, and a universe mastered all of the units that we taped to our chairs, we are drowning in our own adrenaline until the last second.

Where Ultimate Game get to draw its pin from the ” game “, it is certainly in its form. The film deals with more or less subtlety of the virtual world that becomes more and more important to our days and provides a critique of the more scathing.

The film delivers without a doubt because this world of fantasy where individualism has taken precedence over solidarity, a world where the lie reigns as Ultimate Game focuses on a very important concept that has sparked a number of questions : Who is hiding actually behind the screen ? A scene both hilarious and sickening when one sees a disgusting, obese and sadistic (the stereotype to the state’s gross guys who do not go out of the home), pretends to be an atomic bomb behind the screen.

Prophetic or not (only the future will tell us), Ultimate Game is the alarming and saddening of a world in decline, the logical result of the proliferation of community sites on the web, we cut off from the reality and locking us in a bubble that is harmful and unhealthy.

If this is the world of tomorrow, you have to stop following…

Level casting, if Gerard Butler endorses with ease the role of Spartacus in modern times, the real performance comes to us from our dear Michael C. Hall, best known for his role of a police serial killer in the series is now legendary in the sweet name of Dexter.

For his second big screen appearance after Paycheck, the actor takes on the costume of a megalomaniac on acid constantly worthy of a villain from Batman. Each of his appearances is really worth the look as the crooked psychology of the character is well-exploited. The actor is a hit with each new plan, giving all its sense to the film and pungent stars Gerard Butler. After this performance, it is likely that we will see you again very soon on the big screen.

In the end, and with a little hindsight, Ultimate Game may not be the revolution that they were trying to sell us (the advertising requirement), or the same size as 300, the Matrix and other Existenz, but it does not remain about it less one very good action film ultra-referential, a bit prophetic that will delight all fans of a genre in need of inspiration and renewal for a few years now.

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