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Il is finally here ! After years of speculations, rumors and expectations, Rob Thomas (the BIG SHOTS, 90210 BEVERLY HILLS : NEW GENERATION) did. He has managed to gather all the team of VERONICA MARS the series to VERONICA MARS, the movie. Real phenomenon because of its method of financing, the film marks a turning point in the production and consumption of cinema. This kind of turning point that we love and that proves – to those who still doubt – that the cinema is an art in constant mutation.

Speaking of mutation, it seems that it is under this prism that Rob Thomas decided to write, perform and produce his film. Nine years have passed since that moment where we left our little Veronica. Meanwhile, she got a bunch of degrees, became a lawyer, attempts to integrate a large firm in new york and went back with Piz (aka Chris Lowell, PRIVATE PRACTICE, THE COLOR OF FEELINGS). Veronica has changed, yes. But when his love of high school, Logan (aka Jason Dohring, RINGER, THE TOMORROW PEOPLE), is accused of murdering his pop singer girlfriend, it can only come running to help. The opportunity to review those that have marked the series and we had terribly missed.

If he had to choose only one adjective to define this continuation of the series that has rocked the teen years of some of us, this would obviously be ” predictable “. Yes, yes, VERONICA MARS is a film that is predictable. Whether it is this opening sequence of stylized and marked by the gentle voice of Kristen Bell (AMERICAN TRIP, SCREAM 4), of this long sequence of re-introduction of the characters headlights of the series or of the identity of the (or a) culprit(s) of the episode. Forgiveness, of the film ! It is granted, the storyline of VERONICA MARS, is not extraordinary. The film is an entertaining and looks above all to the universe that we captured during 3 seasons and 64 episodes. The story is surprising no, not surprising, doesn’t impress. But this is great for Rob Thomas : this is not what we asked. Or at least, this is not the scenario that we will judge his film adaptation.

“A film made by the fans and for the fans.”

VERONICA MARS is the baby of a director who has created a universe, which then evolved thanks to a true community of fans. Fans who have not hesitated to give more than$ 6 MILLION for the project came to fruition. And the history of the meet as it should be, Rob Thomas has made to the evolution, change, and maturity, the strong themes of his film. A pragmatism and insight to any event when she was a teenager, where is Veronica ? She made the right choice ? Is it still funny ? Does she always to Neptune ? She is finally happy (with Logan) ? The beginning of the film caused the emergence of all these questions, which were eventually buried among the fans. Perhaps because they have grown up with the series or because they recognize themselves in Veronica, these fans will want to know what she becomes. Girlfriend ideal for some, a model for others, she is one of those rare female characters who have marked the history of the american television series for the right reasons. (The other prime example being of course Buffy Summers !) I assure you, the film provides some answers, but it raises new issues secondary, but no less interesting.

Thanks to a casting always also uneven, VERONICA MARS, the movie does not swear-not with the spirit of the series. The same for the aesthetic and the atmosphere. So, there are still the characters we love (Mac, Piz), the ones that make us tirelessly smile (Keith, Dick), and those the utility of which still escapes us (Gia and Vinnie among others). Goods that thrilled with the find, it goes without saying that the film is carried by the duo of Veronica/Logan, and in particular by Kristen Bell, who embodies Veronica, who is Veronica, who was the series and who is now the movie. Not really innovative in its technique, VERONICA MARS fishing seriously at the time of the discussions in the fields-fields that follow each other badly and the speed is spinning. We regret the lack of music “current” – which denotes with contemporary cultural references and specific (TMZ head) – and the product placement offensive to certain brands (BMW and Samsung in particular).

In other words, VERONICA MARS is a good entertainment. Despite being a film made by the fans and for the fans at the base, it could well reach a new audience. And if this is not the case this time, let’s assume that Rob Thomas will catch up with the sequel !? In the meantime, the majestic the finger of Veronica at the beginning of the film, and the cameo is unexpected of James Franco (SPRING BREAKERS, This IS THE END) can already enter into the pop culture.

Original title : Veronica Mars

Production : Rob Thomas

Screenplay : Rob Thomas, Diane Ruggiero

Main actors : Kristen Bell, Jason Dohring, Chris Lowell, James Franco

Country of origin : United States

Released : March 14, 2014

Duration : 1h47mn

Distributor : Warner Bros. France

Synopsis : Nine years after the end of the series, Veronica Mars is now a lawyer in New York. It is also provided with Piz since little. It returns, however, to Neptune and back to his role of private detective to help Logan Echolls. She took the opportunity to see his friends Wallace and Mac, and was present at the meeting of the ten years of the end of high school.

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