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Get to know WALL-E (pronounced “Walli”) : WALL-E is the last being on Earth and turns out to be a… little robot ! 700 years earlier, humanity has deserted our planet leaving this amazing little machine, the care of cleaning up the Earth. But at the end of these long years, WALL-E has developed a small technical fault : a strong personality. Extremely curious, very nosy, it is mostly a little too alone…

However, his life is about to be shattered with the arrival of a small “robote”, well keeled and named EVE. Falling instantly and madly in love with her, WALL-E will make every effort to seduce her. And when EVE is recalled in the space to complete its mission, WALL-E does not hesitate a single moment : he throws himself in pursuit of her… Out of the question for him to let go the only love of his life… To be at his side, he is ready to go at the end of the universe and live the most fantastic adventures !

Author’s Note


Release Date : July 30, 2008

Directed by Andrew Stanton

Film american

With Philippe Bozo, Marie-Eugenie Marechal, Emmanuel Jacomy

Duration : 1h 37min

Trailer :

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The first thought that strikes when we look at the trailer of this movie is… the lack of dialogue. Wall-E is not a new film animation studios Pixar ; These fall under the hands of master a new challenge : can we make a success of a film with the single word first names ? This issue has slowed the evolution of this project, which is, in fact, born in the spirit ofAndrew Stanton and Peter Docter as early as 1990 ! Today here it is resulted for our greatest pleasure.

However, there are few humans but they exchange very few words (their reliance on technology causes them to lose all humanity). They are closed in on themselves, locked in a space station, far from their Land of origin. The viewer will quickly understand the message that is associated to a critical somewhat easier. The sustainable development and the fight against obesity remains an obsession in our current societies. So far nothing new, Wall-E is related to the slogans “Sort your waste” and “Eat less, move more.”.

Forgive him quickly this morality because the project remains exciting. The impressive ability of the two robots, Wall-E (Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class) and Eve (Extra-terrestrial Vegetation Evaluator) to transmit emotions could be the single reason to go see this movie. The objectives (the eyes) and the arm movements of Wall-E are fully humanized. Eve seems to be more rigid and cold at first, but it is the source of the feelings emerging from Wall-E. Children or adults, in our turn, we will fall inevitably in love with these two robots.

The lack of dialogue is compensated for by a long-term work on the sound. Here is the second key to the secret of this success. Two words, the first names of the robots, are constantly repeated, but always with different intonations. Ben Burtt is the father of these voices (designer also of the effects of the saga Star Wars). Despite the robotic processing of the timbre of the voice, these words are totally out of the electronic record. This variety is the tagline of the film. Our robots manage to move us more easily than many of the actors.

The storyline is simple but the attachment that elicits Wall-E is such that it cannot démord not the image. Humor is not missing and allows to give a constant attention to this little masterpiece. Of humor and magic, Pixar has never missed. Here is a beautiful lesson of cinema for all those who can not separate the dialogues.

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