[critical] Watchmen – The Watchmen

Adventure is both complex and mysterious on several levels, “Watchmen – Watchmen” – takes place in a America alternative 1985 where superheroes are part of everyday life and where the Clock of the Apocalypse-a symbol of the tension between the United States and the Soviet Union – indicates continuously at five minutes to midnight. When one of his former colleagues is murdered, Rorschach, a vigilante masked a little flat but no less determined, will uncover a conspiracy that threatens to kill and discredit all superheroes of the past and present. Then he resumes contact with his former legion of vigilantes -a motley group of super-heroes retired, only one of them has true powers – Rorschach glimpses a plot that is disturbing and large-scale linked to their shared past and that will have catastrophic consequences for the future. Their mission is to protect humanity… But who guards these guardians ?

Author’s Note


Release Date : march 4, 2009

Directed by Zack Snyder

Film American

With Jackie Earle Haley, Patrick Wilson, Malin Akerman

Duration : 2h43min

Original title : Watchmen

Trailer :

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The sadness of the city in which I reside when I live in the Jura is ” the Absurdity ambivalent “. Yes, I invent a concept, and then ? Good. Past the astonishment, let me clarify this obscure about devoid of any sense of grammar, philosophical or any. This shameful and peasant village that tried in vain to play as a parisian, is in perpetual conflict with itself : a sad failure to be so that a front artificial. In fact, wanting to be a great lady means not only putting make-up. In this, my city is only a thick layer of foundation with a fat that melts happily in the sun and whose hue does even more. In fact, we have many bars. But they don’t open ever. We have bookstores. But people are going to buy frames. We have many shops. But no one has money to spend. And we have three cinemas. But four movies.

Then when on a Friday evening, twenty-two hours, a session of Watchmen is proposed, well, we are happy and we are going ! And what a pleasure to discover a movie to the aesthetic mind-blowing and orgasmic potential to be rather high ! Well settled in my seat, I am then left to wear by the capacity of Zack Snyder to deliver a film of pure pleasure.

The start of the film transpires the classic elements of a young director at the paw already defined : photo of the spirit comic strip, slow down… But the mouth is extended by a generic a clever and rather enjoyable. Surprise and happiness mingle then when it sounds “the Times they are a changin’ ” by Bob Dylan and a succession of flashbacks (still very beautiful) poses confidently and concisely the basics of a world history changed. Everything is clear, quick and accurate and allows you to dive straight into the story without having recourse to other artifices weighing and/or longish.

From there, Zack Snyder then proceeds his film with a sense of rhythm and mastered end-to-end. The alternation between characters and the stories goes hand in hand with an alternation between scenes rather directed towards action, and other rather directed toward the advancement of the story. Conductor therefore, it remains also a painter. The riot of colour is splendid and every plot of the film is imbued with a special atmosphere and unique, recognizable and impressive. We add, finally, Disc jockey for the director, who signs a BO necessarily pleasant, and the table is completed.

The film is thus a bubble in the world of justice hidden : by creating a false reality, the feat of the story is still the anchor fully into it.

It is contagious, exciting, fast-paced, unique, and pretty. So why not try ?

Certainly, the praise rained down, but they are to share. Indeed, for my part, I was disappointed of the ” Sucker Punch “. When Snyder is the scenario, we want to say that there is still a need to work a little bit. But his style is in perfect harmony with the adaptations of comic strips. And adapt Watchmen was a good initiative !

It is, therefore, after 80 km, to find the BD eponymous (yes, my town has not changed since the beginning of the article !) that the force of the realization came to me even stronger. In fact, find the majority of the boards of scenes mythical adapted to the very last detail is just pure happiness ! Snyder has really give life to the comic and we thank him for that ! We must therefore thank Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons for their work shining and BD mind-blowing, complex and mastered.

Of course, the ending differs between the COMIC and the film. But the film is ultimately not unpleasant, and for the graphic novel, the movie would have had to do a 4h to try to adapt the hint and the freedom offered by the BD to create a final stunning.

The balance sheet is more than good and is part of the lineage of a genre film : it’s a breath of fresh air to a cinematic style which can be redundant (” Hey, the 24éme Iron Man is out ! “” You saw the last SpiderMan ? okay, this is like the 36th Avengers, except that it is all alone ! “). The quality of the implementation encompasses all things with the plans boosted the colors licked and a pleasure to the part of the developer which is handed to the spectator. It is contagious, exciting, fast-paced, unique, and pretty. So why not try ?

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