It is necessary to recognize, Michael Moore distills with a certain talent of his ideas when he is on a stage. This is, in general, one of the points of denigration fundamental of its fiercest critics, judging it to distort reality. However, the indefatigable sexagenarian american ideals, sliced and well-built is still being debated to try, with humor and empathy, to open wide the eyes of his countrymen. Since Bowling for Coloumbine, Michael Moore has forged a style, a paw of a director or even a director. In fact, it is also the themes that the objects of cinematographic underlying that fascinate, causing a wave of widespread enthusiasm at the announcement of a new documentary.

Almost ten years (or, more exactly, seven years) that Michael Moore had written, interviewed and filmed the world. He comes back in 2016 with WHERE TO INVADE NEXT in a singular concept : to invade every country he crowd the floor. Or, more precisely, their democratic ideas, which may be imported into the United States under the banner starry. The input sequence gives as usual the exhibition the challenge of the surreal: Michael Moore, under the guise of the state american major, will not fail, that’s for sure. And this is not his gaze distant, determined, setting the horizon on the edge of a mighty battleship that we contredira.

The strategy of Michael Moore does not change. Not really. To raise the acceptance of the major challenges which they expect the americans and even the world, he went into exile for a time in foreign countries, always comes to admire Europe with eyes, this time, a little too naive. Thus, as we have already seen in Sicko, are unpacked to blow large hooves of the advantages of the democracies of the old continent : the trade unions, paid holidays, protection systems, social quality and free of our services public… not that these aspects do not represent any interest, far from it, but Michael Moore seems to rehash what he has already shown to be less sharp even. It was by no means the great depression of the Euro zone, the sovereign debt crisis, or the weakening of democratic… therefore, the denial seems to be slowly winning the documentary then an analysis is omniscient of the situation is often required. Michael Moore mature Europe, but sometimes it is lost in an excess of good feelings somewhat disturbing.

Past this first part moderately compelling, new topics much more addictive, are disclosed to the screen. For example, Michael Moore does not hesitate to stand in front of the unspeakable mass murder in norway 2011 – in a passage that was terribly heartbreaking, or recounts with panache the respectable fight feminist icelandic. The camera becomes more powerful, and the history much more informative. Despite all his production suffers, at some time, a surplus of pathos strangely easy. Some of the images referring to the us methods, becoming unsustainable at the same time as the pupils are moisten, at the limits of empathy and the pull-tear. Michael Moore wants to promote the identification, shock his fellow citizens in a political goal… So sometimes there goes franco. It is a habit with him.

“A Michael Moore-minor, not essential but not useless”

WHERE TO INVADE NEXT concludes on an extract of the work of Victor Fleming, The Wizard of Oz, encouraging the americans to take back in hand all of the good ideas that they have instilled in the world. Michael Moore recites a large number of subjects, some of which will only be flown over. It remains, however, a few moments of emotions well brought in and, obviously, laughter sincere. WHERE TO INVADE NEXT nibble to right-to-left orientations virtuous for humanity, for equality sustainable. If one thinks inevitably of this French documentary, co-directed by Mélanie Laurent and Cyril Dion, Tomorrow, it is not certain that the latest documentary from master Moore to support the comparison: for once, one has the impression that the documentary filmmaker is not directed exclusively at the american people in its noble purpose, that of raising awareness. For others, it will certainly wait and watch for the next vintage to fully appreciate the qualities, hopefully. In other words, WHERE TO INVADE NEXT is a Michael Moore a minor, not essential but not useless.


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