The evil of the stones is another name for talking about kidney stones. This evil, it is Gabrielle (Marion Cotillard) that the a. In addition to that, it bothers her from her family. His vision of romantic love does not correspond to the expectations of his parents, who would prefer to see get married as soon as possible and elect José. While she was sent on a thermal cure in Switzerland, she meets Andrew, the man she had dreamed of. His goal now is to flee to live a relationship passionate in his arms.

The pitch has nothing huge to promise us, we agree. But what is more unfortunate is the treatment of the film of Nicole Garcia. His faith in the classicism pervades the film and pulls unfortunately down, instead of transcending characters, rich in emotions. The backgrounds are beautiful, the light, the frames are clean, but nothing challenges us, nothing beyond the whole. The film starts to move up slightly when the character of André the dance and the déraisonnement love infects timidly the film (including a very nice sex scene). But everything falls back with the last part of the film, which unveils an unlikely twist not helped by the staging. Too many want to be secure on the form, one picks up a story it classical as well. If the idea that a reversal of the situation glue with the desire to escape from Gabrielle, once again, the staging does not value this bifurcation, sudden.

When there is more of setting the scene, there is Marion Cotillard. Intensity, her body seems possessed by passions, feelings and emotions that she experiences. His role recalls in particular that she had in The Immigrant, the latest film from James Gray. It must be said that the French actress has the ability to take on roles in the genre, made up of desires, of boiling volcanic interiors. In addition to the performance of the now subscribed to the Festival de Cannes, the real surprise in the cast is the excellent Spanish actor Alex Brendemühl , who plays José, the husband by default of Gabrielle. That of the latter, this character is the most interesting in the film because he wants to do his best but suffers from the actions of his companion. The determination he displays in a first time to be a good husband, in contrast with the vehemence of his wife, eager for adventures. Even when she confesses to him wanting to leave, he is there, even for the support in this very nice scene where Gabrielle discovers that his letters never arrived at André. She doesn’t love him and the film sketch the possibility that it is now attached. It is in the last part of the film that it gains in thickness and becomes the protagonist the more interesting story-well-dreary.

The body lovers driven by complex feelings in a film in the form of disappointing Click To Tweet

In the end the passion takes form in the play of the actors. Nothing is embodied by the camera apart from what the body want us to say. Of course, the direction of the actors is part of the film and it is recognized that Nicole Garcia builds beautifully on its talented trio main (Louis Garrel, that we had not yet cited, is really good). We can notice therefore that this : the body lovers driven by complex feelings in a film form so banal that it gradually immerses us into a deep lethargy. An incurable disease, in this case.

Published may 15, 2016.

Maxime Bedini

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