You Are My Sunshine is a first film too classic that is, unfortunately, in the emotion easy.

Soft music at the piano, a child, a mother, the rays of the sun in each shot : YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE is a title that does not mislead, in fact, not on the goods. In fact, there is a sensitivity very clipesque in the first short film of J. Huang : it is far from the neighbor’s japanese Kore-eda, who was also given the mission of drawing the human relations in the context of the family photo.

It is an easy criticism (and, in many cases, often dishonest) that we can immediately make to YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE : it has all the flaws of a first film. This approach is much too frontal, and emotions of the symbol, up to the installation of a flair too a prisoner of its glorious inspirations. Overall, the short of Huang looks more like a film of preventing disguised as an achievement of art and test, than a genuine attempt to author. Everything is sewn with white thread, everything is far too predictable and it is finally in its relative beauty plastic that we could find him his greatest qualities.

If there is a lack of personality, Huang is known, however, very well directing her actors – all convincing, especially the young boy. Still, this story of a blended family has already been seen a hundred times, and it is difficult to see in this avalanche of public spaces as something other than a tire-tears easy. If it was still his only classic that could suffer YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE, but Huang also fails where one would have expected : the touch. The intention is there, but it has no effect.

Difficult to really be so categorical about the first short in which to forgive his mistakes of youth. The project remains basically endearing, and its stakeholders. There were better things to do with this very beautiful photography and strong performances, and if Huang has the opportunity to continue his career as a director, it is hoped that he will be able to get free codes melodramatic that choke it to death here completely.

To see the Meetings of the cinema to the taiwanese, the February 10, 2017 to 20h


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