Qwhen Pitch Marshall wants to make of Lars Von Trier, it does not work. Fifteen years after the césarisé Venus Beauty (Institute), we discover You want or you want not ? a comedy exasperating on all fronts. Starting from an umpteenth staging of the addiction sexual, the film changes the registry to turn into a romantic comedy boat and highly predictable.

Look no further than what is presented in the trailer, there is absolutely no surprise. Divided into two parts, the plot continues with a succession of tiresome approaches risqué Judith to Lambert. All the cliches fit inside we are served on a tray, in the rough, without the slightest subtlety. It begins with the required alluring, phrases floods and lascivious poses of all kinds. Ready for anything, crude and vulgar, Sophie Marceau loses all charm.

The story starts on the daily life of Judith, a depraved opportunist is giving the slightest opportunity. Embodied by Sophie Marceau extremely convincing, Judith is the epitome of the independent woman completely unrestrained and eventually be perceived as a poor girl. Lambert (Patrick Bruel), a former sex-addict then converts it back at the therapist of couples faces this devourer of men during an interview and not as a single reaction to the hire. In addition to the unreality of the whole scene, his message is distressing. We are told that to get a job, the qualifications are futile in contrast to the physical and lecherous gaze.

© Warner Bros. France

The scope of feminist film is only an illusion, in truth, it is a celebration of the female object, sexy, physically attractive. Indeed, to widen even in the preconceived ideas, we find that the fact of being round is a synonym for ugly or bland in the eyes of men. For a film directed by a woman, which is pretty outrageous. What was the purpose of this pseudo-comedy if it is nerves ?

The dialogue as the game of their performers are flat, we do not retain not a single reply. We still don’t know what happened in post-production, but they would have had to check more of their fixtures. There are exactly three false fittings that are highly visible scattered in the film which is simply unacceptable. Unless Lambert has supernatural powers, since when is it that dry in an instant after being given a glass of water on the head ?

All the cliches fit inside we are served on a tray, in the rough, without the slightest subtlety.

The second part of the film is even more distressing. After the obscene, place the marshmallow. It makes you wonder if this is not worse than if the film had held up after its sexual aspect. Like any good turnip self-respect, we have a right to an end that it provides from the first minute of the film, in a reversal of the situation unrealistic and heartbreaking with a slight semblance of suspense. As children, we had learned that the princess ended with the prince ; today, Pitch Marshall shows us that in our time, the princess is well debauched, has known many princes little virtuous but ends up finding love.

Falsely feminist and despite a few funny scenes, You want to or you don’t want to ? a serious lack of subtlety. Pitch Marshall and Sophie Marceau we have used to better. Wave mimicry of Nymphomaniac version of Love Actually, this film is in the vein of comedies without the slightest interest. This cast and this scenario rather means would have been able to produce a comedy pleasant instead of this abyss of vulgarity.


Original title : You want or you want not ?

Achievement : Pitch Marshall

Scenario : Pitch Marshall

Main actors : Sophie Marceau, Patrick Bruel, André Wilms, Sylvie Vartan

Country of origin : France

Released : OCTOBER 1, 2014

Duration : 1h28mn

Distributor : Warner Bros. France

Synopsis : Lambert, sex addict, repentant, tries to redeem himself driving by becoming a… marriage counselor. Sober for several months, the situation is complicated when recruiting an assistant, the alluring Judith, whose unbridled sexuality will quickly put resolutions to the test…

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