[critical] Zookeeper

When he decides to resign because his work prevents him from finding love, a zoo guardian, receives the unexpected help of the animals in the park, who will teach him the secrets of nature…

Author’s Note


Release Date : August 17, 2011

Directed by Frank Coraci

Film american

With Kevin James, Rosario Dawson, Leslie Bibb

Duration : 1h39min

Original title : Zookeeper

Trailer :

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Kevin James is not an actor without talent. His years on the television series ” A Guy in Queens were entertaining. Now powered on the big screen, Kevin James had a memorable performance in Hitch, while seeming to take advantage of his charm, friendly and good to come to a boil in films like The Dilemma and Paul Blart Super Vigile. The latter, despite being barely watchable, has been a huge success in the USA (and yes, it is amazing), winning the box-office on its first weekend with $ 32 million. Zookeeper continues in this same tradition, with a Kevin James doing his best to save a film almost lost, misdirected, or poorly executed, the vain effort that will disappoint both children and adults.

Kevin James plays Griffin, a zookeeper’s who excels in his position. Although he loves his work, from his failed marriage proposal to Stephanie (Leslie Bibb) in the opening sequence pushes him to always wonder what his life would have been with the girl he loved, and above all, if he had continued with this job he loves so much yet. When Stephanie comes back into his life 5 years later, Griffin is determined to win back leaving behind him the life he loves and the job he was born to do.

Leslie Bibb invested a lot of his comic talent (more or less visible) to a role with no matter to evolve. His character is a partition in the single note which makes it hollow, insipid, and insignificant over the sequences. Despite all the efforts of Bibb, the writing never allows his character the opportunity to take flight and his efforts to prove to Griffin that he does not have to change who he is to find love seem meaningless to our eyes.

Where does he so well filled to find love? On the side of his dear colleague, of course ! Has the image of Kevin James, Rosario Dawson also brings a lot of personality and charisma to a character about as interesting as a dissertation on the economy of the import / export of toilet paper Lotus (no offense to the one who would have had the chance to handle such a topic, an employee of Lotus, or a person working in the import / export).

Considered Zookeeper is easier to do by relating it to its peers. Dr. Dolittle, which bears similarities far more informative than the simple aspect animal, was a film much more concise and much better built that Zookeeper has ever been. Unlike this film, the animals in Dr. Dolittle is able to provide laughter for adults and for children thanks to a succession of humour is certainly far from surprising, but sufficiently well fed to keep children and parents happy throughout the performance. Unfortunately, this is far from being the case with Zookeeper, it is the reverse which occurs on many occasions.

Another similar production is the Night at The Museum. Not being an absolute reference for the genre, Night at The Museum has at least had the decency to enter into the heart of the action in just a few minutes. So the real question is to know why Zookeeper puts so much time for getting to the reality of talking animals. This choice is obviously voluntary to the fact miss many opportunities comic. Moreover, once they begin to cause of the rain and the nice weather, they will not do much else. Again, Zookeeper manages to miss the mark so unsettling because of dialogues almost pitiful. For example, Adam Sandler is the voice of a monkey screaming essentially ‘ scales-it’s the shit !” for long, endless minutes. Other animals may not provide anything better.

Zookeeper is thus similar to an effort sloppy and apathetic in all aspects, including directing, costume design, the plot, the humor and the message.

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